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After check in hotel yesterday, we woke up early today in order to catch up the earliest boat. We had our breakfast at hotel first.

Owner of TanHui hotel.

1 room with breakfast as well as all the tickets below costs NT2460.

Let’s start our journey from Shuishe Pier (水社).

The weather was cold, so I wear whatever I have.

So foggy :( Cant see anything oh~ The Sun Moon Lake view not nice today :(

Heard that the building infront was the most expensive hotel in Sun Moon Lake.

There were so many ships driving across the lake

After a short ride, we Reached!

This place was called  ”I Ta Thao” (日月潭伊達邵).

Owl workshop 貓頭鷹工廠

We have to walk 650m to the cable car station.

I like Taiwan pink guava but pricy. This packet costs NT50 if not wrong.

The sausage looked nice. NT40 for each.

Herbal egg smells good also.

While waiting for the food.

This sausage was good especially ate during cold weather! 山猪肉香肠好吃!

Home made Millet wine. Free tasting.

The cable car station was over there~ Do you see?

Yea, almost reached!


Hooray~ We are on the way to Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village (九族文化村).

Behind us was Sun Moon Lake and cable car station.

We can saw the village from far.

Almost reach the village.

Beside taking cable car, I think we can walk to the village too.

First of all, show you the map first. The map was small indeed :P But I just thought to show you overall how big was the village. If you play everything at 欢乐世界,加勒比海探险, 金矿山探险 and etc then you need spent whole day lor :) else 3 - 5 hours more than enough. Just for your information, during winter time, they closed around 4 or 5 pm I think.

We catched the 10:30 am show.

Naruwan theatre Show 30 – 40 mins 娜鲁湾剧场表演

The emcee.

Actually it just like a traditional dancing show.

Paiwan (排湾族)

The water was so so clear! And, I can find this water at Switzerland, is natural one! I will show you the photo in later post! This area is for Tao (達悟族)

Second show 10-20 mins. 九族廣場《祭典會所》They appointed an audience to be their king.

Hehe… How do I looked like with this big hat?

Bunun (布侬族)

Thao(邵族) & Tsou (鄒族)





三月.紫恋薰衣草; 二月.台湾一夜樱 (March: Lavender; Feb: Sakura)


射箭场 NT100 for 20 pcs.

Food price

See how they made the jewelleries with glass. Step 1…

Step 2…

Step 3….

Step 4….

Step 5!! Nice art!

You can rent their custom here also.



This was what we saw from top of the pagoda. Weather not so good so the view also not nice ~

Na Na, Ru Ru and Wan Wan.

Around 2 pm, we went back to the I Ta Thao Pier and took boat to Syuanzang Temple (玄关寺).

Everyone was queueing for this!

Syuanzang Temple (玄关寺).  Last but not least, remember to try the Ah Po 阿婆茶叶蛋o, 好吃好吃哦!You can find the stall easily. It just located near the jetty there.

The last boat was around 4 30 pm during winter time. Thus, we took the 4 pm boat back to Shuishe Pier. After that, we took bus back to Tai Zhung as the ticket for direct bus back to Taipei was sold out. Took around 1 and half hour back to TaiZhung then we bought ticket from TaiChung main station – king bus counter 国光客运 back to Taipei. The single journey costs NT230.

If compare to the previous Aloha bus  阿罗哈客运 I took from Taipei to TaiZhung, then I would prefer Aloha. Although the price slightly different NT28 but the service and the seat was great! See, we have to queue up for the next bus and there was no seat allocated. However, Aloha bus was not at TaiZhung main station, it was located at Chaoma bus station (朝马站). So convenience wise, still the king bus.

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