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Continue from day 1, we wake up at 5:00 am!!! Jeep car picked up us to see sunrise at White Sand Dunes. We went cross this small forest and reach here! The sun was rising soon!
The famous Sand Dunes (Doi Cat), on the main coastal road a short distance north of the fishing town at the north end of Mui Ne bay, about 10 km from the main resort strip. The whole region is fairly sandy, with orange sand threatening to blow onto the coastal road in some spots. The dunes that visitors visit are about two square km of open sand on a hillside with ten-meter undulations, staffed by dusty children with plastic slides, who will offer instruction and assistance if you want to slide on the sand (and be somewhat pesky and disappointed if you don’t). For their services, the children will be happy with 20,000VND, or grudgingly content with 10,000. The dunes also offer nice views of the sea coast to the north. In all, it’s worth a half-hour visit, especially if you have rented your own motorbike for the day. On the opposite side of the road are a series of small cafes, where you can park your motorbike for a small fee if you ride there on your own. Most day tours sold by local tour operators include a stop at the dunes. The trip by taxi from the main resort strip would be about 150,000VND each way, and less by xe om. [Source]

The white sand dunes was so big!! We must find a good position to shoot the best sunrise.
Unlucky the weather is bad…so cloudy!
No sunrise nvm la..still got ‘moonset’ The sky with moon + sun looked nice oh :)
Love this sky color so much.
White sandunes with moon sky~
Opps…Moon gone but sun not appear :( But bb is my sun! LOL
Although no sunrise to see, our life still going on. So, we walked forward to enjoy the white sand dunes.
The sun is rising but blocked by the cloud. However, the sky looked so bright now :)
The white sand dunes like no ending. My hubby felt so tired after walking for a distance.
Let’s have a small nap first.
Nice sky~
Opps, the sky changed to blue color lei!!! Nice

Let’s take a romantic photo first.
The sky so fast changed to grey color… Raining soon @_@
Alot freedom here! Can do whatever we want. Let’s fly~ Paiseh Paiseh that I delivered this ugly pose.
Wa. My bb so keng. Can jump till so high and make a “大” word. Looked same right?
We felt like we at desert but this is a just a small sand dunes at Mui Ne, Vietnam oh.
I was quite surprise Vietnam has this little white sand dunes.
Although small but we walked till so tired! Not easy to walk and climb on sand oh.

Oh yea, luckily we met other tourist. So, we able to take a couple photo :)

There were so many bumpy here. Although wish to stay here for a longer time but we need to rush for next destination..So, we have to say bye bye to white sand dunes lor :)


 On the way back…we passed by a small lake.
Someone staying here.
Got GoldCart somemore.
Our driver and jeep car.
So many cows around here.
On the way to red sand dunes.
Before we reached red sand dunes, I asked driver we will go lotus lake right? He said he forgot stopped by. Actually just located near white sand dunes X_X Okie, as we quite tight of time. So, we continued our journey to red sand dunes.
Passed by some resorts here.
We reached Red Sand Dunes. Alot people was playing sand sliding.
Red Sand Dunes also a another nice sand dunes.
However, compare to white sand dunes. I prefer to go white sand dunes as not much people there. At red sand dunes, alot people selling thing here.
By the way, I am lucky I was here also. A good view.
Yea, so happy :D Finally I able to visit white and red sand dunes. Not easy to travel to Mui Ne oh!

Me and hubby at red sand dunes.

Breakfast time, now is around 8 am. The driver stopped us at one of the resutanrant there. This breakfast is paid by the Guest House but we could only choose 20,000 VND meal. So, we chose this meal – Noodle with Pork Soup~ Nice!

Rice with pork chop – 20,000VND also! Like the rice..
What’s that? It was Vietnam Coffee oh~ only cost 8,000 VND oh.

After a while, add some ice…Deng deng..become iced coffee lor! In Vietnam, they called this Ca Phe.
After breakfast, we continued our journey to Fishing Village. So so so many boat parking here!

What is the round round thing lei?


Actually this round round thing is a small boat.
Let you see closer how’s the round boat looked like.

Found a cute dog on this beach!Er, where is the doggie’s owner lei??

After fishing village, we went to Poshanu Cham Tower. Entrance fees is around 15,000 VND if not mistaken. Actually we spent another 1 hour just to reach here. If you skip this place. I think our tour package will save few dollars.
View from Poshanu Cham Tower.
Po Sha Inu tower is a derelict remainder of the ancient Cham culture that was built in the 8th century. [Source]

Hehe, we had finished 3/4 of the tour la..
Left one more place to go only which is Fairy stream but due to raining day. We need to wait here for a while because the jeep car did not have any cover oh~
Let’s pray pray first since came so far here :) Boh Bi our journey went smooth oh ^^
While waiting for the rain stopped. We went to the souvenir shop.
Nice art.
Nice vase but not cheap. So, didnt buy anything here :) Okie la, let’s continue our Day 2 Part II later!
Continue to day 2 part 2 ~

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6 Responses to “Vietnam Saigon Trip Day 2 @ Mui Ne Part I”

  1. melvin Says:

    hi,i love your photos! you qouted a price for a taxi ,”The trip by taxi from the main resort strip would be about 150,000VND each way, and less by xe om”.does it include a trip to all those places you’ve visited or just the white sand dunes?

  2. QiQi Says:

    Hihi, actually i got the taxi info from ~ I guess just one way and to one place only.
    If you have more people, you can consider to take a jeep. It was fun! My half day tour as below:
    – Private jeep tour from 5 am to 12 pm(White Sand, Red sand, Lotus Lake, Fishing Village, Fairy Stream, Poshanu Cham Tower) (US$37/Tour) which costs 720000VND.

  3. Bettina Says:

    Hi, I was wondering where you booked your sand dunes tour? Hope you can reply soon as we are going to Vietnam on September 15. Thank you. :)

  4. QiQi Says:

    I booked via travel agent at hcm – Viet Vacation Travel. you can contact Tran Law (+84 946757392)or add his Facebook – tran law. Below are the tour I booked from him..
     - Private jeep tour from 5 am to 12 pm(White Sand, Red sand, Lotus Lake, Fishing Village, Fairy Stream, Poshanu Cham Tower) (US$37/Tour)

  5. Ordy Says:

    USD37/tour mean for 2 paxs?

  6. QiQi Says:

    I think for up to 4 pax….

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