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Welcome to  2010 Taipei Internation Flora Exposition (2010 台北国际花卉博览会)! We took train to Yuan Shan 圆山 MRT station after having early dinner at 阿宗面线.

We went there after 5 pm, thus we got the cheaper ticket which cost NT150 per pax (星光票). The normal ticket cost NT300 per pax.
Flora Expo Part 1 (真相馆,名人馆,文化馆, 流行馆,争艳馆,儿童乐园,百艺广场, 果树园区,地景花海,精致花卉区,造型花墙区,上海厅园,西安厅园, 故事馆,美术馆,风味馆,舞蝶馆,迎客坊,花之隧道)
Flora Expo Part 2 (养生馆,梦想馆,天使生活馆,未来馆,花茶殿,怡情园,迷宫花园,花梦广场,林下花圃花海区,台湾美食区, 花之隧道)
Flora Expo Part 3 (花圃竞赛区,台湾文化植物区,生态剧场 (希望喷泉), 儿童探索区,行动巨蛋,大地花海)
Scroll down to bottom and enjoy the photos! A picture can tell thousand of words!





Pavillion of Angle Life


Pavillion of Future Life
We had total spent 3 hours there only :P Although the time was short but quite a memorable experience ;) . After expo, we felt hungry so we headed to Jian Tan 剑潭  station and walked to Shilin  night market 士林夜市.  

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