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After hang around at TaiChung, around 5pm, we took Nantou Bus to Sun Moon Lake (日月潭).  The journey took around 1.5 hour and it costs NT180 per pax.  If travel to Sun Moon Lake by car, you can visit to Puli Brewery (埔里酒廠) along the journey as we did pass by Puli as well.

Finally we saw our hotel – Tan Hui Modern Hotel (潭辉时尚风华旅店). 

Our package per night was NT2460 which included a room with breakfast, lake tour, as well as theme park + cable car (兩人住宿附早餐,遊湖全程來回,九族送纜車+ 親手窯陶土折扣卷二份).  If you wish to book the hotel, you can email to
Hotel lobby which we took our breakfast here too.
Our room (真愛密碼). Not bad ~

Toilet was small @_@
Another entrance of the hotel.
This hotel just newly renovated.
Dinner time~ But I forgot where we ate and what we ordered already. The food overall not bad. It costs around NT130 if not wrong.
After dinner, we walked around the town.



Millet wine (小米酒).
Taiwan Mochi (麻薯)!
Ten Ren Tea House (天仁茗茶)

We tried the red tea (阿萨姆红茶) – NT30
Hehe, finally we walked until Sun moon lake :P Very romantic oh ~

We climb higher to see the better view. Hehe, no tripod. So hubby just find a place for camera and used auto function :( We only took few photos here :P
The hotel beside the lake was not cheap oh :D  

Due to our room’s door lock was spoilt, they changed another room for us. The room was big! 

The bathroom was separated with the toilet.

Haha..luckily our room’s door lock spoilted!
As our toilet was bigger than previous one!! Haha~ 
Mochi Mochi~ I love Mochi!!! Somemore so many flavours! Yummy!
That’s all for Day 7 and the destination for next day was Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village (九族文化村)! Stay tuned!

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8 Responses to “7.2 Welcome to Taiwan Sun Moon Lake @ 台湾日月潭趴趴走”

  1. YY Says:


    I would like to know if tanhui modern is recommended?

    Is the hotel located near the pier?


  2. QiQi Says:

    Hi the hotel very near the pier! Just opposite only! The boss and lady boss are nice and kind!~ The room quite cozy ~ breakfast ok as well. Price consider reasonable staying there!

  3. YY Says:

    Hi, thanks for your reply.
    Just wanna ask if we can see any view of sun moon lake from the room?
    Is the theme park worth going?

  4. QiQi Says:

    Hi, our room cant see any view as we stayed at basement ;P Perhaps you can try to ask the boss and see, mayb higher level can see nice view. I know beside the lake got one hotel but the price may be expensive lot. The theme park is worth to go during Sakura season, mean Feb…alot Sakura oh..If March, then will be Lavender season. And, if you like those excited game, then it will be worth too…Actually depend on your preference :) Some ppl may feel worth and some not. We feel okok la..

  5. Happy903 Says:

    Did you pay deposit for this hotel?

    Is there any other minsu / stay nearby with the about the same cost?

  6. QiQi Says:

    I Think we didn’t pay any deposit. We jz pay what we need to pay when chk in…
    I think should hv other min Su about the same cost, need to google.

  7. Ulan Says:

    Hii, I’ve planned go to sunmoonlake use TRA (not HSR) early morning, 6 am. Do you think we can go around sunmoonlake-aborigin village also wenwu temple in half day? From this hotel need use boat and ropeway to reach all attraction places (such as aborigin village, wenwu temple, etc)? thanks.

  8. QiQi Says:

    Hi, I m not sure how long the journey took via TRA to sunmoonlake. What I can share with u is my journey experience. We bought package frm a homestay. The package include boat travel to few jetty as well as cable car to the village and the entrance fees too..beside boat n cable car, u can travel via bus or cab too. If not mistaken, frm Taichung straight to the village about 1 and half hour. I didn’t go wen wu temple As no time too ;) I only use boat to access all the places within sun moon lake. Ya, if want go wen wu n village within half day abit rush..maybe till 5 pm will be better.

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