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We reached Summit Resort (新社庄园) around 430 pm after Lavender Cottage.  
View the map below :)
Currently we at #15 观景亭 (The lookout pavilion).
View from here is nice.


Walking to the fountain. #14 迷雾喷泉(Fountain)

Small waterfall~
Nice garden.
#11 – 酒莊(Winery)

Behind me was toilet lei~ Toilet area also got nice garden oh~
#10 瞭望台 (Lookout point) 

Nice window.
A big tree.
#12 罗马栱柱喷水池 (Fountain). Sorry ar, the fountain was infront of me. Forgot to take the photo :P haha 
Behind us is #13 古堡 (Castle)
We at #5 虹桥 (Bridge) now!
The coupon we have only able to change this 2 cake :P One Mango cake.
One Blueberry cake. Both cake were nice :P I like it ^^
Summit Resort (新社庄园)
Entrance Fees:  NT250 (adult); NT150 (kid), each ticket get a NT100 coupon.  
 Opening Hour:
‧ 平日09:00AM入園~06:00PM
‧ 假日08:00AM入園~06:00PM
* To take wedding photo here, entrance fees NT3500 oh ~ 

Summit Resort was our last destination in Shin She today. The driver dropped us at bus stop and then he only collected NT500 from us :)
After that, we took bus to 大坑 (Dakeng). Forgot which bus we took but dont worry. There were quite a number of buses to Dakeng. One of the bus no is 6580 which we took Shin She this morning.

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2 Responses to “6.4 Welcome to Taiwan Shin She 台湾新社庄园趴趴走”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Hi, I came across your blog introducing Taichung and saw that you been to carton king, lavendar farm and summit resort. Can I have your driver’s contact?

    Thank you

  2. QiQi Says:

    0425821058.. This is shin she contact no, they ll arrange shuttle van to pick u around. They brought us to most of the places in shin she but not include carton king. You can contact them to do advance booking. Quite worth :)

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