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Let’s continue from Day 2 Part 1, we went to the last destination – Fairy Stream. This little kids was doing business here. He said want to guide us the road to Fairy Stream…Dont know how many dollars already. But, you can save this money as you can just walk straight for a short distance, then you will see Fairy Stream.
We walked through this small stream.
 And, we saw a lot footprints. So, we just follow the footprints and climb to the top.
Oh, this is the purpose everyone climb till here. To capture this nice view :)

The Fairy Stream (Suoi Tien) is a little river that winds its way through bamboo forests, boulders and the dunes behind the village, in parts resembling a miniature version of the Grand Canyon. You can walk up via the sandy hills overlooking the oasis-like valley and return by wading in the waters. [source]


Since we climbed so hard, Ps decided to leave some memories here.
MC I Love U. From PS :P

Yeah… Where am I? Vietnam! 
My hubby was so considerate. He helped me to clean up my shoe…Really feel blissful that PS is my husband. He was so lovely. Muak Muak.
Found 2 cows here.
We can just walked along the stream. Not deep at all.
On the way back and saw another 2 tourists walk toward here.
The stream is just at your left hand side. There was a small staircase walk down to the stream.
This is the way to fairy stream.
Back to our guest house. The environment not bad. Silent and peaceful.
Our little small guest house. Like the purple color theme.
After taking bath, we had our lunch at Xuan Anh. Just beside our guest house.
Nice fruit juice – Watermelon shake (9,000VND) and fruit shake(10,000VND)
Fried pork with onion, tomato - 38,000 VND
Fried fish with lemon grass – 40,000 VND
White rice  :P I think is 6,000 vnd ba.
Shrimp Spring Rolls – 25,000 VND.
Overall the food is ok! We were so full after lunch ;P Slurp! Our guest house – Duy An.
They provided internet access… They also specialized one day trip. This is some places you can go at Mui Ne.
If you dont want stay budget guest house. You still can look for better hotel or resort.
There were so many many hotel and resorts over there! Checkout from this website.
On the way back to Saigon. Saw this very special. So, quickly capture down. I think the fisherman was catching the fish.

Tam Thuong? Sound funny.
Fruits! Didnt buy much cause they chopped tourists one. Quite expensive.
If you looked at my hubby’s expression…Then, you can think that the corn nice or not :P It costs 4,000VND.
Bananas ~ I think it costs around 8,000 VND. Can negotiate cheaper one… Dont let them chop you ya!
Nice statue.

Ben Thanh market. Opened at morning. Is like pasar pagi…
There was also Benh Than Market on street at night time…
So crowded and so many motorists lor~
糯米饭~We didnt try because so colorful..

My Vietnam friend has recommended Nam Giao restaurant for us. It was a Hue-styled central
Vietnamese cuisine.  The food was quite nice there..The food not so spicy, salty or oily. I quite like this mild taste :) but not everyone like this kind of taste especially man.  
Grilled pork roll. Grilled pork, fresh vegetables, and bean sprouts are laced and rolled in flat noodle – 27,000VND! Nice! For man, maybe dont like because not a heavy meal for them :)
Steamed rice flour cake with fresh ground shrimp – 27,000VND. Yummy~
Nice restaurant~
How to eat lei…Eat this way oh~ One scoop per plate.

Rice noodle Salad Bowl with Grilled Pork – 35,000VND
After stir it, it become like that…O ~ not bad~
Special clam with rice – 30,000 VND. Me and hubby dont like this meal…The taste like very weird.
The drink is about 7,000VND – 22,000VND. So, quite cheap also. There were other foods like Xue spicy beef noodle soup, shrimp, crab meat, sliced meat with rice noodle, pancakes and etc….
Nam Giao Restaurant
Address: 136/15 Le Thanh Ton, P.Ben Thanh Q.1 tp HCM (behind Ben Thanh Market).
Phone: +84 (0)8 825 0261
After dinner, we walked to Reunification Palace.  It closed at 5 pm I guess.
Notre Dame Cathedral.

Passed by a shopping centre..So happenning oh ~ We went there before Chinese New Year. That’s why can see alot new year decoration~
Gong Xi Gong Xi.
Opera House Saigon
Malaysia Parkson here also has one oh~
LV ~
People community hall Ho Chi Minh.
Do you know the history about Ho Chi Minh? Read more here.
Nice building.
That’s all for Day 2, to be continued…

Let’s continue to day 3!




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9 Responses to “Vietnam Saigon Trip Day 2 @ Mui Ne Part 2”

  1. FALAH Says:

    Vietnam beautiful country
    I visit will be soon
    friend from
    State of Kuwait

  2. Roy Rodriguez Says:

    Hi, really enjoyed this post. It’s just what I needed. After hours and hours of research on the net to make a workable and efficient tour itinerary for an upcoming trip to Mui Ne, your detailed account of your trip proved to be really helpful. Just one question, is it worth to go to the Poshanu Cham Tower? Thanks, and more power to you and your blog …

  3. QiQi Says:

    Actually not so worth going there.. Far n additional charge..

  4. Charmaine Says:

    Hi, Qiqi, read through your blog, it was very useful for my upcoming Vietnam trip. However, may I know on 2nd day after your visit at Mui Ne, You took wat time bus to go back Saigon?

    Thank you.

  5. QiQi Says:

    Hihi 2pm bus!

  6. Hazel Says:

    Did you went to see the reunification palace, community hall, cathedral and opera house by yourself? Is these places walkable from one another? Or did u all join a tour?

  7. QiQi Says:

    Hi Hazel, all the places you mentioned above are walkable, not need join tour :)

  8. Wallace Says:

    Hi Qi Qi

    Really love your blog as it is very informative! I am going to Mui Ne next month and plan to do do overnight transport from Ho Chi Minh City. Must i book both the accommodation and transport to Mui Ne from the tour agency?


  9. QiQi Says:


    Ya..good if u can book first…think can pay when reach there…u can contact the agent through facebook – Tran Law…
    Btw, I have inform him to see if he can email u.. u may check with him if you have any enquiries..He is a very nice guy~

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