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Finally I able to spent some times to update my Vietnam trip here 1 month after my trip ><. Aiks ~ Recently too busy already. Paiseh paiseh…
Let’s start! Last month, me and hubby got leave to clear. So, we planned for a short trip to somewhere near and budget. After survey for a while, we have decided to go Vietnam. We booked the flight ticket from TigerAirways just 1 week before the departure date. Quite last minute right? Luckily the flight ticket fees was not so expensive. We paid S$320 for 2 pax round trip.  Our travel period is from 21 Jan 2011 to 24 Jan 2011 ( 4 days 3 nights ).

The flight itenary as below: 
SIN – SGN Departs 21 Jan, 11, Friday Singapore 07:45 hrs Arrives Ho Chi Minh City 08:40 hrs * Vietnam is 1 hour before us. The total journey is 2 hours. So the Singapore actual time is 09:40 when we arrives Vietnam.
SGN – SIN Departs 24 Jan, 11, Monday Ho Chi Minh 17:35 hrs Arrives Singapore 20:35 hrs * 
Exchange Rate
S$1 = 15,500 Dong;  US$1 = 20,000 Dong; S$1 = US$1.28.
See the notes below, 1000 + 500 = 1500 Dong. It mean S$0.10 only oh~ 
We have total changed S$300 => 1,860,000 Dong and US$140. Hoho~  We became millionaire again :P . End of the trip, we still not enought money, so we changed another S$40~ Hehe ~ Thus, our total expenses for this Vietnam trip is S$660

From our home 530am walk to MRT 540am..Train came around 5:50am. Then from YCK MRT to Budget Terminal, the journey took around 1 hour. So, reach Changi Airport around 6:50am. Then we waited for shuttle bus. The bus came around 7:10 am ><><>< “”" Oh No! My flight is 7:45am neh! Jia lat.. The bus took around 10 mins to reach budget terminal gor. We quickly rush to the counter and so lucky~ they still allowed us to check in!!! Really sweat lor…
Saigon 西贡! We were coming. 
My hubby still in sleeping mode  :P
It was a sunny day. The sun was so big @_@ I could even feel the heat in the plane oh~ So hot so hot…
Beautiful clouds.
We almost reached! The  house structure in Vietnam was so unique~ 四方四方一块一块砌成的~好特别哦!
When we reached Tan Son Nhat International Terminal. We exit from terminal and turned right to look for the bus to city. It was quite easy to find, after turn right, just looked for station 13.
The bus was just stopped opposite the station 13.
Taking bus to city was a right choice for those budget traveller because it just cost 4,000 Dong (S$0.30) per person. If you have luggage or backpack, they will charge additional 4,000 Dong.  I think If take cab to city need around 10usd. 
Before that, we told the driver that we wanted to stop at Ben Thanh Market. On the way, we saw this temple.
Shop houses…
So many cables along the road.
After 25 minutes, we saw this statue. It mean that we were going to reach soon.

Then we saw another statue with roundabout. We were told that we reached Ben Than Market. The bus stopped at the bus station beside this roundabout.
After we get down from the bus, we were trying to look for the way to our destination – Pham Gnu Lao 范五老街. Luckily we met this couple who from Malaysia. They were going to Pham Gnu Lao as well. So, we just followed them :)
The most headache thing in Vietnam is to cross the road. Vietnam is a motorbike country. There were so many motorbikes!!! So, when you first time croass the road, it was advise to follow Vietnam people first. Although so many cars and motorbikes, they will still crossed the road by waving their hand. The motorbikes and cars will automatically slow down the speed oh =.=”’   

After 10 mins, we reached Pham Gnu Lao, but still looking for our travel agency. 
Viet Vacation Travel
25 Bui Vien St., Pham Ngu Lao Ward., Dist.1 HCM City
Tel: (08) 38360727
Email :
Contact Person: Tran Law

The travel agency was just located opposite this Crazy Buffalo Saigon restaurant.
Before we met Tran Law, we went to Highland Coffee shop to try out the coffee. As we heard coffee is very popular in Vietnam. Let’s try!

Iced with sweet condensed milk (Cafe Sua Da) – 35000 Dong.  Overall, taste good! I found that most of the coffee in Vietnam served with half glass only. Actually, you can also try the coffee from the stall beside the road. It only cost you 10,000 Dong per glass. Cheaper oh~ Both also nice to drink~

Tiramisu Cake – 44,000 Dong. 

After coffee time, we met with Tran Law.  He helped us to plan out our trip for this 4 days 3 nights. Our planned trip was: HCM city -> Vung Tau -> HCM City -> Mui Ne -> HCM City -> Mekong Delta -> HCM City -> Cu Chi Tunnel.

Below are the packages we took:
 - Cu Chi Tunnel half day tour  (US$5/pax). * If add on Cao Dai Temple, price will be US$7/pax but it need full day. Due to we not enough time, so we just book for half day tour)
 - Mekong Delta 1 day trip (US$9/pax).
 - Bus to Mui Ne (USD6/way/pax).
- 1 night stay at Mui Nei include breakfast (US$ 16/night).
 - Private jeep tour from 5 am to 12 pm(White Sand, Red sand, Lotus Lake, Fishing Village, Fairy Stream, Poshanu Cham Tower) (US$37/Tour)
 - 2 night stay at HCM city (US$14/night)

Total spent = 131 USD. 

Due to the bus to Mui Ne is 8 pm, we still have enough time to Vung Tau. So, we quickly took a cab to Ben Tau Canh Ngam jetty 码头 (37,000 Dong) and took boat to Vung Tau. We reached there within 10 mins. Just very near only. 

The boat ticket cost 200,000 Dong /way/pax with a free drinking water. The ticket is expensive but it was worth to pay a visit to Christ Hill 耶稣山at Vung Tau 头顿.
We departed around 12.30pm and reached Vung Tau jetty around 2.00pm (1 and half hour journey).  
Then, we took a cab to Christ Hill (34,000 Dong). It reached within 10 mins. If you got time, you can just walked there. Oh no, we need to climb up the hill and the weather is very hot due to the time was 1.45pm!! It was super duper hot. Most of the people will visit here morning. For our case, we dont have so much morning. So, boh bian lo. Just took afternoon time to visit here.
Good thing visit here at afternoon is the sky is very blue. So, the photo outcome will be nicer :P
Alot small little angels~
Oh no, still a long way to go.
Okie, finally we saw the sea abit.
The only house build on the small island? I guess it should be a rich man.

Cannot stand already. Must use umbrella. TOO HOT!
Oh yea, found someone to help us take photo.
Me and my lovely husband.
There were alot statue here.
Finally we saw Christ status.
Before reach till the top, we saw this statue also.

We could see the Christ statue clearly now.

My hubby still far away from me as he want to help me take picture.
Now, we were going to continue our journey till the head of Christ.
Remember to wear pants, skirts which the length must over your knee. Else, you are not allowed to entered to church. Luckily, I got bring the scarft.
We were so tired after climbing the Christ Hill for 30 mins. Now, still got so many storeys to climb up =.=”’.

Oh no, we stuck here. Outside only can fit max 5 people! So, we had wait them coming in then only we could go out.
Although we spent 1 hour boat to Vung Tau and climb for 30 mins~ It was worth to see this superb view!


So windy and hot.
These long nails  to protect people climbing out.

Blue Sky with White Christ.

There was a long bomb here.
We were goin back lor~
2 in 1 ~

Where am I? Can find me?
Hehe…the only place has so many flowers.
Er….How come all the tree become botak lei?
A bit feel like at Bali.
Not understand what was written there.
Oh…so many little angels again.
Hubby sayang the angel.
Finally we finished climbing.
We took cab back to jetty again (32,000 Dong). If you didnt rush for th time, you can walk along this road to the jetty. If just 20 mins walking distance.
Remember to take cab from Mailinh group or Vinasum as they calculated the taxi fare using meter.
Heard that this Lotteria fast food is quite nice. But we didnt try it as we want to try KFC from Vietnam :P

Okay, I was still prefer Malaysia’s KFC :D . This set meal cost us 88,000 Dong.
Just simply took some photos while waiting for the boat.
Still got people fishing under this hote sun. Is that a small island??? or a boat??
Behind is the Lotteria cafe.
We took Vina Express boat here and back via Greenlines. We compared both and found that not much different.
Inside the boat.
We departed at 4.45pm and arrives at 6.30pm.  We saw this nice fish dining cruise. I guess the food price there is not cheap.
Hotel Majestic. Opps, we need to cross the busy road here. 1,2,3 Chiong ar!
We walked back to our travel agency and we took dinner somewhere near there. It just a food stall.

We ordered a coffee ice (10,000Dong).
We ordered noodle soup from this stall. The price is around 25,000 – 30,000 Dong.  I forgot the price already.

The pork soup quite yummy~
The taste almost same as pork soup. Both still acceptable. 
Around 8 pm, the bus came.
Luckily the bus still clean.
Around 2 hours journey, the bus stop at somewhere and let us take a break. WCNU mean ladies toilet.

It was quite a tiring journey. It took around 6 hours only reach Mui Ne. When reach our guest house. It was 2 am!! Tomorrow we need to wake up at 5 am for sunrise! @_@ Dont know can wake up or not =.=”’ For those who cant stand this kind of journey, please dont try! Haha..Else you will faint. Luckily me and my hubby still got staminal for this.
Duy An guest House
(US$16/night incl breakfast)
Add: 87-A Huynh Thuc Khang-Ham Tien Ward
Phan Thiet City – Binh Thuan Provence
Tel : (062) 3847799 

The room and toilet quite clean. Overall the guest house is ok. Just the location abit far from beach.


Actually I planned to book Hong Di Guest House (US$14/night) but fully booked. The guest house just located near the beach face the sea. But you need to book earlier. Below is the contact details:
70 Nguyen Dinh Chieu St, Mui Ne Beach.  T: (062) 3847 014
Besides this 2 guest houses, there were still alot other guest house at Mui Ne. You may click here to check out more resorts/hotels/guest houses at Mui Ne.
Click here for day 2 :)



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9 Responses to “Vietnam Saigon 2011 Trip Day 1 @ Vung Tau”

  1. melissa Says:

    Your blog are awesome, with full itinerary. Im going to HCM soon, juz wanna find out..since we r staying somewhere near Benh Thanh Market, we have to catch a cab to this travel agency in Pham Gu Lao area? Tks.

  2. QiQi Says:

    Hihi~ we always walked from Benh Thanh Market to Pham Gu Lao ~ around 10 can ask ppl around how to go there. They will direct you~

  3. melissa Says:

    Tks! much reasonable price than taking from the hotel directly. Good day to u.

  4. Ashlyn Says:

    Hi, was wondering if u booked all these from VIet Vacation Travel?
    1) the bus (to and from mui ne),
    2) accommodation in mui ne and
    3) private jeep

    Any idea what are the available Bus schedules to mui ne and back to Saigon ?

  5. QiQi Says:

    Ya..I booked all these from VIet Vacation Travel?
    1) the bus (to and from mui ne),
    2) accommodation in mui ne and
    3) private jeep

    The bus I took that time is around 8 pm, reach there around 2 pm…tell youn in advance, the 6 hours journey is not easy o buy good experience ;)

  6. Angie Says:

    Hihi, nice travelogue there.
    Would like to check if Tran Law has any email address? I tried to leave a msg on his contact form on the website but have yet to receive any reply. Will be great if you can email me his email address, thanks!

  7. QiQi Says:

    Hi I hv Tran Law fb only. Dun have his email. I think he will reply. I ll try to get his email n share in my blog later ;)

  8. Cheu Leng Says:

    Thanks for sharing the infor at here.
    There really helpful for my South Vietnam trip.
    My plan is similiar like your itinery, but after i saw u go to Christ Hill 耶稣山at Vung Tau 头顿, so i may change my plan too.
    But i was think too rush and need overnight at bus and no enough sleep and get up at same day morning for sunrise.

  9. QiQi Says:

    Ya, try not to plan till so rush, else it will be very tiring and even fall sick :) By the way, travel is like that ^^ enjoy your trip!

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