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My Birthday Celebration Part III…27.09.09

With My Dear Boyfriend ( that time not my hubby yet).. hehe ^^

On 26.09.09, my dear and I went to Bishan has a movie. We reached home around 1130 pm. I thought my dear sure got surprise for me…But he just act nothing. Wait till 1215am, still no cake oh….I guess so he really no celebrate with me already. So, I dont want wait already, just went to take bath first X_X.

When I took bath, I heard some sound outside.. In my mind, I Just smile..hehe~ he is preparing something for me :D …Aiyo..why need to wait for so long and wait me take bath lei….

When i finished taking my bath, I just open the door and saw the lights :) SO NICE! My dear has decorated the living room with some romantic light. He told me actually he has bought this light long time ago to use for the proposal day. But no chance to use it. So, he used it on my Birthday!

Can see anything?? Hehe ^^ Just to show the light.. It just simple but I feel so warm because of his heart on preparing this for me :)


27th! 1 Year older :( Dont know should happy or not. Time flies fast! So remember must appreciate every minute!
Bengsawan Solo Cake

My Birthday Cake – Bengsawan Solo Mango Flavour :)


My Dear and Me. Thanks for everything!
Me n My Dear

Thanks to my housemate too..cause wait me till so late :) . Thanks to Jaynee who help ps bought the cake and sorry to let you wait me till fall sleep. ^^

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