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You may wish to read Part I & Part II before continue part III here.  
Day 5 Part III itenary
1500 : Koala Conservation Centre
1600 : The Nobbies
1645 : Penguin Parade
2000: Dinner at San Remo
2100 : Back to Melbourne City
2230 : Check in City Edge Service Apartment
First of all, let me show you the location of Penguin Parade, Koala Conservation Centre, The Nobbies. To view bigger map, click here.

The normal admission fees for Penguin Parade as below :
Adult (16 yrs + ) $21.20
Child (4-15 yrs) $10.60
Aust. Pens (ID req) – $14.80
Family (2A, 2C) – $53
We upgraded to 3 park pass which you can visit to Penguin Parade, Koala Conservation Centre, Churchill Island, The Nobbies in one great price as below :
Adult (16 yrs + ) $36
Child (4-15 yrs) $18
Aust. Pens (ID req) – $25.20
Family (2A, 2C) – $90
We not only upgraded the ticket to 3 park pass, we added one more thing - Penguin Plus, which mean we can up-close and personal viewing of the penguins! It is estimated that approximately 50 percent of all penguins cross the beach in front of this stand. The boardwalk is limited to 180 guest per night. Thus, book your ticket earlier in case SOLD OUT.
Adult (16 yrs + ) $40
Child (4-15 yrs) $20
Family (2A, 2C) – $100
This is the penguin plus package. This is the viewing stand. [Source]

Okay, let’s me start sharing photos with you now :)
Koala Conservation Centre.
Stroll through bush land and enjoy koalas in their natural habitat on our treetop boardwalks.

But too bad we cant find any Koala :( So disappointed… I felt disappointed because last time I went to Sydney, I can even touch the koala. Here, cant even find one yet :(

Koala spent 20 hours for sleeping and resting! Is it winter time, too nice to sleep? Thats why cant see any koala here?

I told myself dont give up. Keep finding! Finally we found one!

Close up abit… ♥ So cute ♥

We saw kangaroo also.

Here’s the one!

Opps…Really found one koala on the tree but koala was sleeping there. This koala hor, so sweet dream here but we found like hell ~

Deng Deng!!! Found another one! Hehe..It will be very good If this koala is real one ~

Bin Bin with big Koala doll.

Churchill Island (We have skipped this place due to lack of time. According to my sister, this place actually almost same as the place we visited this morning – Warrook Cattle Farm)
Cross the bridge to experience our historic buildings, heritage gardens and working farm with animal nursery.

When you come to Philip Island, don’t forget to visit The Nobbies Centre. Entry is free. Only 5 minutes drive from Penguin Parade.
I loved the view here. Superb nice :)

Photograph lover, dont miss this place yo~

Not too bright not too dark. Just a good timing for photo shooting.

Hubby looked great in this photo :)

I liked this photo cause taken by me….Heheheh ^^
My brother and sister-in-law looked great in this photo too.

Another lovely husband and wife.

We found two little penguins hide under the boardwalk! Hmmmm…are the penguins got lost???

This photo was taken by digital camera. Er..the outcome seem like nicer than my dslr camera lei~ Want to ask my brother what is the brand of this camera. Hope to get one. Because sometime brought the big camera abit troublesome.

Sunset @ The Nobbies. 

View of  The Nobbies Centre.

From The Nobbies centre, you can use their unique selas camera to zoom in, ‘spy’ the seals. But need to pay a $2 if not mistaken. My brother got tried but unlucky they cant see anything. Maybe it was not a right season or right time.  If you lucky, you can see seals as photo below. Looked great right? [Source].
After Nobbies Centre, we went to Penguin Parade. 
Penguin Parade
Enjoy watching the penguins in their natural habitat from general viewing stands and boardwalks
Just to share with you about the Information on penguin arrival times throughout the year. The time we visited is the least no of penguin x_x arriving. It was their nest building time. However, I still able to see alot of penguins. First time in my life.
Around 5.00 pm, we was preparing to go in. Things to know :-

  • Includes entry to the visitor centre, displays, cafe, souvenir shop
  • Free small hot drink or bottled water at the Boardwalk Cafe
  • The audio tour kiosk is located at the rear doors to the visitors centre at the Penguin Parade.
  • The kiosk will be open for two hours prior to the penguins arriving.
  • The audio tour is available in 4 languages – English, Korean, Chinese/Mandarin and Japanese.
  • Visitors must leave an AU$100 deposit, either with cash or a credit card imprint
  • We recommend you are seated 30 minutes before the penguins arrive to hear the Penguins Plus ranger commentary. The rangers are then on hand to answer your questions.

We waited at the viewing stand 30 minutes before the penguins arrive.d The weather was so cold but we didnt give up. After a while. Finally the penguins arrived! It was a super great view when the penguin arrived to beach. It was not only 10 or 20 penguins but thousand and thousand penguins….So, you can see a huge number of penguins walking from the sea to their home. 50% of penguins passed by us before reaching their home.Thus, I can see the penguin very closely. Especially the pattern how’s the penguin walked. So cute!  I found that the penguins back to their home in team. Each team had a leader walked infront.   At first I dont know that no camera inside. After I took few photos, I was been warned by the rangers :P Hehe… So paiseh.
If the penguin didnt follow the team or follow the leader. The penguin maybe got lost. See this poor little penguin. Got lost already.

This picture showed the home of little penguin.

Since I cant take picture inside the penguin parade. So I took photos at the visitor centre. There were some displays about penguin.



Souvenirs shop.
Hehe..this is not the photo taken by me looor..I grab it from penguin parade website. Anyway, this was the real scene I saw and experienced. Althought the ticket was abit costly but it was still worth!So, dont miss it~
To know more info about penguin parade, koala conservation centre, Churchill Island and The Nobbies Centre.  Click here.
Around 8.00 pm, we were so hungry. So, we simply picked a restaurant which was still opened. FYI. Most of the shops, restaurant will be closed around 6pm. Restaurant may be late abit but also around 8 pm. When we reached this restaurant. It was closed actually. But the boss very kind, he said we will be thier last customer today.

We quickly made our order.
Vegetables ~
Fried chicken.


Er…cant remember what is this.
Sweet and sour pork.
Egg! We ordered alot right? We missed chinese food so much after few day western food :P Hehe…The dinner cost us around $176.  In Australia, this price quite worth already. The food overall is okay. If you wish to look for chinse restaurant. Can try this San Remo Chinese Restaurant (大园).
After a full meal, we drove back to Melbourne City. It took around 90 minutes journey. We checked in City Edge Serviced Apartment.  We were not staying at this building but another building. We came here was to collect they key.

This is our apartment. This two “uncle” cant live without TV. When they reached the apartment, the first thing they did was switch on the TV. Eventhough not their favourite programme. They still can watch one especially that Bin Bin. Not a cartoon channel also suitable him x_x.

Bin Bin, Me and PS will sleep in this room.

Master room which could accomodate  2 adults, 2 child.

A path to our room and toilet.
Our toilet! Only one toilet in this apartment. The heater was not working fine! It took long time to heat the waterrrr… Some of us were forced to bath in cold water!

We book this apartment from The price is $153.95 including a booking fee of $4.95.
City Edge Serviced Apartments
Address : 92 Albert Street, East Melbourne 3002 VIC
Phone Number : +61 394832200
That’s all for my Day 5 :) Still got one more day to go! Hopefully I can finish my Day 6 within this week! Sorry for the delay yo~ What a noob blogger am I. * Shame Shame * Hehe ^^

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