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Today my husband received a called from 64387414, Mr M told him that 25 married couple was selected to win 3 gifts and we are one of it. He talked so much to my husband, but my husband not clear what he was talking about. So, my husband asked me to call back this number to check.

When I called in, there is a lady picked up the phone. I asked her what company is this. She told me that they are advertising firm. He said the person incharge was on the line and will call back me later.

Okielor..then wait him to call back lo. Just 10 minutes later, he called me back and we started the conversation :)

Mr M: Hi, are you Mr Lim’s wife. How are you. What do you want to know about?
Me : Ya, I heard my husband said that you got what what free gifts..Can you explain again?
Mr M: Okie, first of all..Let me tell you more about the gifts first….

He talked so much and so fast!!! Fast untill you will think that he was trying to hide something behind. Anyway, I have summarized 3 gifts that he said : “Promise will give”.

1) $1000 gift voucher – No term and condition, no expiry date. You can buy whatever thing you want.
2) Free 1-for-1 cruise.
3) 8D7N 5 star resort at Bangkok. Can stay up to 5 peoples.

Me: So, what we need to do to redeem the gifts?
Mr M: What you need to do is go down to The Regency, Level 3 tonight 8 pm. I will meet you there.
Me :What we going to do there? Did we need to sign up anything?
Mr M: Oh, nono, we wont sell anything and bring you go any seminar. Actually our client called sponsor-KDI. You heard about NATAS. It just same but is new one. They are having a travel fair.
Me: What’s company lai! I search google also dont have!
Mr M: Oh, because is a new setup company. So, you wont find it in google.
Me: Okie, then what we going to do? Just visit the fair that’s all?
Mr M: Ya, I will brief you and bring you around to checkout the travel package. It took around 1 and half hour. If you dont want sign any package. You still can redeem your gift. Dont worry.
Me: Sure or not. “This world dont have free lunch” wan wor.
Mr M: Sure Sure… My friend also redeem last year and he bought a MP3 during christmas.
Me: Can I know what is your company name.
Mr M: My company name is called DI-Infinity advertising company.
Me: How come I cant search from google also. No website wan ar?
Mr M: Ya. We are new and we just setup with KDI. Both website are under construction.
Me: What? Under construction? Then how come your friend last year got redeem gift already. So long already, still under construction??? You dont bluff me la..
Mr M: Sure sure, why need to bluff you. We are having promotion and you are lucky to win these.
Me: How do you know we are married?
Mr M: Oh, last month your husband has participated a survey. So, we selected from there.
Me: This redemption due date when? Must come today? Today I got appointment, not free.
Mr M: Until Sunday. If you come today or tomorrow, we will give you additional voucher 588 for bla bla bla. If you want you let me know. I told my supervisor to prepare the gift.
Me: What! Just 3 pieces of paper need to preparE?
Mr M: O..because we need to get approval ma.
Me: Let’s me think first. Tomorrow only decide. Tonight I am going to discuss with my husband.
Mr M: Okok. Tomorrow morning I will call you to confirm.
Me: OK. Bye.

Then I just go google search and see “DI-Infinity…” or KDI??? What also dont have. Then, I try to type “The regency + dhoby ghaut” and I found a forum has discussed about this matter. Please click on image below if you felt interested to read through the forum.

Oh, the trick that Mervin used is exactly same as the conversation above. Opps. Then I only realized this is a scam call x_X. Alamak!Wasting my time talking to him. However, I still felt curious want to know what is his next trick while we go The Regency, level 3. Luckily the forum has shared out what will happened if you go to The Regency, level 3. I just write down the summary here. The rest you can read from the forum. There were several similiar cases happened.

***below is one of experience from a victim who going down to The Regency, level 3***
Well, after going down, the presentation lasted 1.5 hrs, with a room full of presenters and clearly agitated FREE GIFT questers (me included sowwy.gif )After they failed to psycho me into subscribing into their holidaying system, I was led to the front counter by the now SOUR face presenter (darn! she was SOOOO nice when we first arrived, said my wife looks young, my kids looks cute… )

Then, after waiting for almost 45minutes (me and all 20-30 other individuals), we were presented with a coupon to SELF COLLECT a home theatre system??!!??

I asked where’s the lucky dip I was promised? They said they have already Pre-DRAWN the price for me!!! HAHAHAAH, so that’s it!

And to add insult to injury, we have to go to some ulu ulu place to collect the home theatre system, and
PAY $50 for HANDLING charge !!!

SO, now you have it! the answer to the scam, how they trick people, and was/IS able to make all kinds of PROMISE/GUARANTEE without emptying their pockets…

Fact is the home theatre system is a crappy brandless pile of crap you can buy in parsar malam for less then $50!

To all my readers here, please be aware and be careful on those scam telemarketer. They will have a lot tricks and techniques to psycho you :D . Luckily we found this forum, Thus, I am not sure tomorrow I will go down or not and get cheated by them =.=”’.

Edited on 07 April 2010
That Mr M called me again

Mr M: Hi, Miss Lim. Just now I called your husband. He told me that you dont want to attend tonight?
Me : Ya. We dont want?
Mr M: Why? The gift was just give you without any obligation, without any term and conditions. Why not you come?
Me: I say dont want! I dont think you will give the gift.
Mr M: Sure we will give, I will be there also. If I dont want to give you. Then, I will complain by you what?
Me: You still want to bluff me?
Mr M: Why I want to bluff you. If bluff you, then next time you also wont visit to the travel agency also right? It caused bad reputation also.
Me: Wah.. you still talk this to me. Can you go google and check the forum. How bad reputatation your company is? What $1000 gift voucher…$50 pay for the charging fee got la!
Mr M: Oh, Miss Lim…That $1000 gift vouchers no more but we will give $50 NTUC voucher. This want definitely have.
Me: Wah. From $1000 change to $50 now. You changed it very fast ho.
Mr M: You just need to spent 90 mins and you will definitely get $50 cash voucher. Not bad what? No harm also.
Me: Time is very expensive for me okie? 1 person only get $25 but my hubby and I lost 90 mins! Please la, I say I dont want to go.
Mr M: Why not? $50 NTUC voucher wo.
Me: I say NO!
Mr M: OK! *He just hang on the phone loudly*

Aiks, I think I should hang his phone but not him. I also dont understand why I need to talk so much to him. Haiz ~ He also want to find some income jek~ not need to be so cruel to people ba. Susah betul x_X when receive this kind of call. No next time la, please dont try to call me & my hubby la. We will straight away reject once received this call. No give face to talk so much anymore!

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8 Responses to “Beware scam telemarketer”

  1. dc Says:

    i received a call from this no.
    didnt pick up. then, i googled and found your post. thx

  2. QiQi Says:

    You’re welcome :) Luckily you didnt pick up ^^

  3. Steven Says:

    i also recieved this call. i also ask the person wh don’t have a website. Then she told me is a new company. From April till now is still new company. faintz

  4. QiQi Says:

    LOL :D faintz right? Me faintz too when receiving that call! Luckily the google was so powerful else I doubt I will be the next victim!!

  5. Elaine Says:

    Received a missed call from this number a few months back… Came across many comments & chanced upon your blog. The strange thing is, I saw my cousin’s face in some of your blogs! It’s a small world indeed!

  6. QiQi Says:

    Hi, the world really small ! Your cousin also singaporean?

  7. Elaine Says:

    No… She’s working in S’pore.

  8. QiQi Says:

    The world was so small :)

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