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To know more about fresh graduate’s pay in Malaysia, click here.

After viewing on this entry salary for fresh graduate. Do you feel you are under pay or you are one of them :) Congrate to you if you are one of them; Dont feel upset or give up if you are not, you will always have the chance to look for better -> Malaysia top 30 best companies to work in malaysia.

I got these useful links from my friend’s sister – Shea Teng’s blog who are currently just graduated. She was a smart girl. Sure she will get a good career :) Wish her *Good Luck*

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2 Responses to “Fresh Graduate Pay in Malaysia”

  1. sheateng Says:

    hey, thanks for promoting me. Well, not so smart la.! heeh
    happy CNY!

  2. QiQi Says:

    hey..not promoting u..just telling the truth! happy cny ya ~

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