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After check in homestay,  the first thing we did is look for a restaurant called AY-CHUNG FLOUR-RICE NOODLE  阿宗面线. 他们有网站的哦~To view their website, click here. To view the map for Xi Men Ding branch, click here.

Big bowl NT60; Small bown NT45
We ordered small bowl one :P Yummyyyyy~
There was no table for you. Only got a few chairs. Luckily we still found the seats. 
On our way to Xi Men Ding MRT station…we saw this but didnt see any well know artist there ;P 
I Love Sushi. So creative.

Starbuck and 7-11
A  “Simply cut” hair salon- 乱剪..Er, do you dare to cut your hair here ?
阿毛restaurant…Sound cute~
Fruit Juice, tea milk, milk share and alot alot different type of drinks…Must try in Taiwan!!
Eslite 誠品116
Ok, time was not early, we need to “Rush” to our next destination – Flower Expo! Actually Flower Expo was not part of our itenary. But heard that if you entered after 5 pm, you will get 50% discount for the entrance ticket. So, we just go inside see see and look look lo since not much place can visit during night time.

Before we took the train, we bought the EASY CARD 悠游卡 NT150 with NT100 deposit (fully refundable).

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