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To know how much is the fee for registering and normally where to register?
There were actually alot places to do the register of marriage in Malaysia such as JPN offices in all the state, wisma MCA, Thean Hou Gong and etc. Whereas in Singapore you will need to register at ROM office ( can do online ). After you have completed the register of marriage, you will need to attend the solemnization. Below are the 3 places to do the ROM as well as solemnization which I can share with you.  Happy marriage :D !

1. JPN Putrajaya Selangor, Malaysia
I was highly recommended for those couple who come from same state ( I guess so must both also come from Selangor if not mistaken ). Else I will recommend you go for Option 2 or 3 - Thean Hou Temple. JPN Putrajaya is a nice place to register for marriage and the fees is cheap also. It costs only RM30. I am not so sure the exact fees because I didnt choose this place :D . But I am sure is < RM50. What I know also if you choose JPN Putrajaya, you can request your solemnizer speak English and request that your marriage certificate is written in English :D . Bare in mind also, JPN office was not opened for solemnization ceremony on weekend. It was only available on weekday~ This is one of the reason we not selected to register here :D

Address : 
Ibu Pejabat Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara
Putrajaya, No 20, Persiaran Perdana, Presint 2
62551 W.P. Putrajaya.

Contact No :
Tel: 03-8880 7000 Faks: 03-8880 7059


2. Thean Hou Temple KL, Malaysia ( This is the place we choose to register for marriage)
If register at goverment office… both couple must come from same state/ Else you will need to go back your own state to submit form first.  So , we want to 1 stone 2 bird! So we selected  here :D but the fees is really more expensive than Government office! Submission fees – RM99, Statutory Declaration – RM33. Then we got ask the officer if want to convert our Marriage cert from Malay to English, how???  The officer told me that they will help us send to JPN to do the conversion. The processing fees will be RM20.

Unfortunately, after our ROM, we planned to ask the officer to do the conversion for us, but they told that they cant do for us X_X (** then dont tell me can help us submit la~ aiyok**). So what can we do, due to my hubby want to save time, so he just went to the company in Thean Hou Temple which provided this service. But the processing fees is RM210!!!Besides that, my hubby requested them to courier our Marriage Cert to Singapore! It charged another RM30. It was so expensive for everything…! But if we didnt submit here, we will need to submit ourselves at JPN!  So What can we do, just pay and do it la ~ save time and troublesome!

Another reason we choose to register in Malaysia but not in Singapore is we dont want “PS’s family member” from Penang and “My family” member from Selangor have a long and tired journey to Singapore. And also the expenses is high in Singapore compare to Malaysia~ half of it yo :P .  To know what is the procedure to register for marriage, click here!

p/s: This place is hot…especially when you take photo under the sun! So, remember choose morning session else please put more sun block ^^ He he :)

Address : 
65, Persiaran Endah, off Jalan Syed Putra,
50460 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Contact No : 603- 2274 7088 Fax No :603- 2260 1623
Website :

3. Register Of Marriage Singapore
Register in Singapore is very fast and convenience because you can do the marriage application online! It really save you alot time. After your e-filing successful, you will just need to attend the solemnization either at outside or registry office. I heard that the marriage cert is look better than Malaysia one :P and of course is written in English :D . Register here, save alot trouble, right…About the fees for ROM…if not mistaken, it only costs SGD26..You will need to check it out from the website..all the information about register of marriage, sure you can find from the website. One good thing to register here is more choices of time. The office is opened for the solemization ceremony on weekend as well as weekday after 6 pm if not mistaken :P .

Address : 
Registry of Marriages
7 Canning Rise
Singapore 179869

Contact No :63387808  Fax No :63393328
Website :

Besides the 3 places, you can also do the solemnization in hotel, beaches and etc which included with a high tea buffet as well. Actually if I was affordable, I will go for this :P But I am not :P Hehe ^^ 
p/s: For Malaysian who register in Singapore, you are required to go back Malaysia JPN office to inform them :P ; For Malaysian (with SG PR holder) who register in Malaysia, you are required to inform Singapore government office too :D

Hope the information above helps!


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