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Kedah, Malaysia

4th Destination – Kedah 吉打( Ching Ye, Wei Seng, Chek Kai, Sheau Ling’s hometown )

 Our friends drove us to Kedah town have a walk and have a lunch at 一乐茶坊 . 


 Then,  Wei Seng ‘s is so effective because he can immediately prepare 6 motorbikes for us! We rode motorbike to most of the places. One of the places is Gunung Jerai.  The mountain is about 1300 meters above sea levels.  The weather is cool and nice. You can view paddy fields in the plains of Kedah from the top of Gunung Jerai!



Besides Gunung Jerai, we also rides motorbike to seaside….the seaside is so far away from Gunung Jerai, if not mistaken, we took around 1 hr only reach seaside. At first we planned to reach there around 6 pm to capture the sunset view! Unfortunately, when we reached there, the sky turn into dark loo~ So upset..and worse come to worse, it is raining heavily and there is no light on the road!!!
It is really a dangerous night.. Luckily we can reach home safety!

It is so tired but full of fun :D Thanks so much to Ching Ye, Sen, Chek Kai, Sheau Ling for providing us everything in Kedah :D

To be continued~

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