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All about PS

Do you know who is this little shame shame boy?
PS (17)

He is my super HERO – PS
PS (31)

When PS was 1 year old.

PS was so naughty when he was 3 years old.

PS’s siblings – Start from left -> Brother, PS, 2nd younger sister, 3rd younger sister, Eldest Sister. Actually still got one more little sister – 小妹 which havent came to this world yet :D
PS (16)

Handsome and pretty couple – PS’s parents! Compare with photo above, do you think they looked like mom or dad?
PS (18)

PS’s naughty face
PS (14)

PS graduated la ^^
PS (15)

This is PS’s house! Front view
PS (24)

Back View.
PS (9)

Side View.
PS (46)

PS’s house is unique.
PS (42)

Especially this window. I like it :)
PS (43)

So, I took a photo with this window. This is Me la – I am PS’s wife :D .
PS (44)

The toilet is at outside!
PS (21)

PS was playing card with his sibling at living hall.
PS (48)

PS’s grandma
PS (49)

On day 5 of Lunar New Year, my parent and big aunty came to visit PS’s grandma :)
PS (35)

PS’s was serving drinks for his mother-in-law :D
PS (36)

Bird talk’s session. They are chatting about 燕子.
PS (37)

PS’s father – He is a fisherman.
PS (47)

PS’s father was changing the net. He said when the season change, they will need to change net too. Because different season catch different kind of fish. Different kind of fish need different kind of net.
PS (12)

It was not easy to be a fisherman.
PS (27)

Do you want to be a fisherman?
PS (28)

This is fisherman’s life
PS (20)

Ps’s hometown – Tanjung Piandang
PS (33)

Tanjung Piandang’s fish village
PS (22)

角头(kak tao) 的鱼村
PS (29)

This is where the fisherman’s stay. Left view
PS (23)

Right view.
PS (13)

A tricycle or motorbike was used as a transport to send the fish to “company”.
PS (11)

PS (19)

Ps’s father’s boat which is used to fetch us around for sightseeing. You can read from this blog entry about our boat riding day.

PS (30)

Back to PS’s house.
PS (50)

PS’s favourite home cook steamboat.
PS (51)

The steamboat was prepared during chinese new year. So that when any guest visit, the steamboat can be served immediately. I tried the steamboat, my sisters and brothers also tried. Everyone ‘Thumbs up’! Yummy and delicious~
PS (52)

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