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Pulao Pangkor  邦咯岛 

Er….don’t know which year already, i think is Year 2002 ba~
My exclassmate and I have organized a trip to Pangkor.


We took bus from Hentian Duta, KL to Lumut.

From Lumut jetty, we took ferry to Pangkor Island. Let’s Go~

Reached jetty of Pangkor Island!

After checked in the hotel, we quickly changed cloths and go swimming la :P

The next day… Boat ride~ very siok!



* We have a small incident happened here -> Our dear friend, Chek Kai, fell down at here…He was trying to jump from the boat! But the rock is too slippery.
Chek Kai..think about this incident..still feel pain??? no more pain la…..duno past how many years la..just wonder got any scar left?? Hehe ^^

After back from boat ride :) ..DO you see the most black face guy?? He is our boat driver lo~


You can have a lot activities at Pangkor also such as motorcycle ride along the Pangkor Island, water sport activities (banana boat, beach volley ball, jerski, etc..),  swimming, Gym, massage, etc

Our resort ‘s swimming pool :)


Our Resort - CORAL BAY RESORT. Bye Bye Pangkor Island ..


Back to KL by bus….Reached Hentian Duta :D


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