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Clay Craft

Finally, we moved our first step. We started our first clay craft 我们的第一作品 :)

Pink doggy which made by me. During the process of doing this doggy, I feel so “pek chek” and almost feel to give up. I have no patient and no confidence to complete it. Luckily my hubby has so much patient to teach me and guide me. Finally my doggy has been successfully made. But why my doggie looked like “Der Der” & “Blur Blur” 的样子..mean 笨笨这样咯!I think because got 笨笨这样的 maker lor ^^

ClayCraft (3)

Brown doggy which made by ps, like him right? 一副很踏实的样子,如果可以为狗狗配一副眼镜,效果应该更棒吧! Er… I found that doing clay craft can see through a person’s attitude! Do you agree too?

Cute right? Both doggies are husband and wife oh ^^
ClayCraft (2)

So happy to look at them everyday :) Hope so I can make more and more clay craft like crab, bear, pig… I know it will be difficult for me!But I will not give up! Jia You Jia You~

For those who wish to make this doggie, you can refer to the Demo of making doggies.

** Sincerely want to say thank you to my hubby’s sister – Grace, owner of ChuangYiGongFang 创意工坊. Without her, we unable to produce these 2 doggies **

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