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Clay Donut

One day, I bought half dozen of donuts from Big Apple. The donuts looked yummy and so colorful right?

Thus, I tried using clay to make the donuts too. Deng Deng ~ My donuts were baked! Hehe ~ I love my pink strawberry donut and I felt my peach donut looked so funny. It looked like a fried egg! Anyway, just for fun :) . If you love miniature clay too, you may give me some comments to my clay donut ^^

How big was it? It was smaller than S$0.20 coin. We called this as miniature food.

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2 Responses to “Clay Donut”

  1. alicia Says:

    They are so small and SO cute!!~ I used to make this kind of thing oso but i dunnu how to bake it or make it dry. End up throwing all of them.

  2. QiQi Says:

    My dear, I didnt bake it la ^^ I just kidding only :P . Hehe.. after I make it, the clay will dry automatically de :)

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