ShareTweet Today journey : WongDaiSin-SaiKong-Satin-TsimsaTsui-The Peak-Lam Kwai Fong Before that, we took our breakfast at one dim sum shop called “海港烧鹅海鲜”. Hubby and I looked so tired after 2 days trip “Siew Mai”

ShareTweet Before I started my Hong Kong & Macau post, let’s me shared some info about Hong Kong with you first. I got these informations from a Hong Kong map. Hope it helps you! Most of the Hong Kong attractions was located at : 1) Lantau Island 2) New Territories 3) Kowloon Island 4) Hong [...]

ShareTweet *Please note that this was happened since last year March oh ^^, you may wish to read my previous blog first before continue here…* After few weeks break, we were sent to Hong Kong again for 2 months. Everyday, we were just busy working until no day no night. We knew that Weini was [...]

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