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U looked at my face (sleepy face, eye bag, eye small till cant open =.=”") as we slept late yesterday and wake up early today. We met up with my make up artist - 小潘老师 around 7 30 am. She looked so pretty oh~

Make up session was started… Me and my husband have total used 4 botols of extrait revitalisant (精华素安瓶). Of course I 3, he 1 haha :P
Deng Deng, I got the big eye now! After photoshop later, I think my eye bag and sleepy face should be gone.
My hubby’s turn.
In my previous post, we got talked about how’s the weather today right? Bad news! The weather today super super bad, the degree drop till 10 celcius, raining, haze . Photographer Loh Sir advice that we should straight go to Tai Zhung as the weather there more stable. Ok la, no choice. Just moved on lor.
Our route today become -> 台中(湖边,天空之城,中社观光花市).
因为没带相机进去所以没机会拍到造型2和造型3。后面的建筑就是我们第二个景点-天空之城咯。以下是造型4,我们准备去第三个景点的。自拍这张照后才发现到前面额头的头发有问题!!挺老水的对吗?告诉小潘老师后。她很温柔地告诉我:“没问题,等下我替你改,很快的。有什么觉得不喜欢,记得要说哦~”。罗sir 也长得帅吗?有点像台湾明星-小猪。他们俩一起拍档十多年了~
这是造型5~灯下要去拍夜景。想到那一夜,我们俩坐在水中的那一刻~真是冷到要死。整个屁股都湿完。小钟还背着灯光爬到湖的后端,替我们照光!罗Sir 就很专心地调光。而小潘老师把自己的围巾都给了我。。甚至我们的司机大哥(娘娘)也很贴心。替我们搬石头,放水灯,还替我们检查石头稳不稳。。总结来说。那一天,大家都很用心地替我们完成我们的照片!我真的是非常感激他们的付出。 
最后我们终于完成了外景,大家都快累死。所以全部上车后就呼呼大睡了因为司机告诉我们大约需要2个小时才抵达基隆。大约9:30 pm 左右,我们终于抵达坎城了。小潘老师又继续替我换最后一个造型了~
1) 4 罐安瓶NT200 - 小潘老师
2) 造型师跟外拍 NT4000-   小潘老师
3) 外景车资 台北 – NT4200; 台中额外收 NT2000 – 司机大哥 (如果想包车台湾一日游,不妨可以联络他  +8860930-983-618, 外号两两)
4) 天空之城摄影入门费- NT1500 
5) 中社观光花市摄影入门费- NT1200
Total NT13100!!! So, if you want save, pick those place which not required entrance fees for outdoor shooting eg. Taipei 101. Too bad I didnt do any survey for photo shooting at Tai Zhung. So, I dont know which place is the best place to shoot actually. Places above is last minute decide due to the weather change! However,台北few places also need to pay entrance fees, e.g. 翡翠湾(NT1200), 大屯自然公園(NT500),梦湖(NT800). Price subjected to change from time to time also. So, you better check out before you go :)   Click here if you wish to know more about my pre-wedding package details.
Actually, while writing this post, I keep recall back the fun during that day. It was enjoyable. However, after finish shooting, we all feel release so much! Because we can eat watever we want that night, not need to scare FAT liao, hehe :)
Our dinner which prepared by Cannes Wedding.

Lastly, we were told to come back around 3 pm the next day to see and select photo :) Yea Yea!~ So, tomorrow morning we will explore to JiuFen (九份老街)  first.



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