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After visiting Musée du Louvre, we walked to the near by shopping centre to look for toilet ~ In Europe, it was quite difficult to find a toilet and most of the toilet have to pay at least €0.30 – €0.50! Finally we found a Free toilet at Starbuck Cafe which opposite the Mcdonal. You will see the Mcdonal after pass through this building.

After that, we settled our lunch at Mcdonal. Set below cost us €9.60.

After lunch, we continued journey to La Place Vendome(凡登廣場). Along the journey, we saw a golden horse statue ~

Statue of Jeanne, one of the ancient famous monument in Paris.

After a few minutes, we reached La Place Vendome(凡登廣場). Place Vendôme was laid out in 1702 as a monument to the glory of the armies of Louis XIV, the Grand Monarque. To read the history, click here. 

There was a famous hotel was located here ~ Hotel Ritz Paris. Besides that, there were also many famous dress designers have had their salons in the square. Of course, I was here to see see and look look. Window shopping only :P


If you feel tired to walk, you can hire a bike from Velib. Velib is the biggest bike sharing in the world run by the Paris Town Hall since 2007.  With over 20,000 bikes covering the city, available 24/7 all year long in 1,800 bike stations located every 300 meters. To pick up a bike, you must have a credit card (your card must have a microchip).

1-day ticket €1,70
Buy a daily ticket for 1.70€ and use Vélib’ as often as you want during 24 hours! The 30 first minutes of each trip are always free of charge.

7-day ticket €8
Buy a weekly ticket for 8€ and use Vélib’ as often as you want during 7 consecutive days! The 30 first minutes of each trip are always free of charge.

For more info, click here

Passed by Pierre Herme which is famous of Macarons.

Wow, variety of Macarons!

Look yummy~


4 pcs of Macarons – €7.40.  The macarons were great and taste good! But may be too sweet for those people who dont like sweet thing.

We reached Jardin des Tuileries(杜乐丽花园)  around 330 pm. The sun was so big !!!

From here, we could see the Eiffel Tower. Cant wait to go there :P




I felt so lucky when I saw this Amorino gelato ice cream stall! I was thinking I have no chance to try it because no time to find the shop! Yea~ Let’s queue for it!

There were so many flavours to choose. I selected Cioccolato Amorino, Vaniglia and Mango which is not showing in the board.

Da da~ Nice Gelato Ice cream I ever had before!!!  €3.50 for this medium size :P

The ice cream was great and yummy!!!!

The photo looked so artistic with the sun as background!

So many people sitting here for a rest and relax day. So, we followed too!  

This photo was taken using Nikon Camera. That’s why the color and quality was different from photo above which taken by Iphone :P



After taking a break, we continued walked to Place de la Concorde (協和廣場)! If come here by train, you can stopped at Metro line 1 Concorde station.

Fontaines de la Concorde (1836-1840)


Obelisk of Luxor in the Place de la Concorde.

Next post – Arc De Triomphe (凯旋门 )!






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