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Finally I wrote untill my last day in Melbourne! Hehe..So happy but felt that abit noob on blogging x_x. You can click here if you wish to ready my previous Melbourne post.
We checked out our apartment around 8 am.

View from our apartment.

We were preparing to travel to the beautiful Dandenong Ranges and having our breakfast there.

My hubby seem like havent woke up. LOL

Around 30 – 45 mins journey, we reached Dandenong and we stopped by Grants on Sherbrooke.  
We came here for Devonshire Tea and their famous vanilla slice.
We were enjoying delicious morning tea of scones, jam and cream.


We tried their  famous french vanilla slice. So delicious! $4.50 per slice.
Another type of french vanilla slice  with apple flavour. $4.50 per slice too.
 Garlic bread + tomato soup.
You can choose to “Yam Char” outside.

But we chose to sit inside because outside very cold lei~
After our breakfast, we  hand feed Crimson Rosella birds and king parrots!

The parrot is green in head? 戴绿帽?
PS’s parrot Red in head!

This parrot’s head mixed color one.
King Parrot. Luckily didnt “bangsai” on Yu Hong’s head. 
Amber was enjoying to see parrot eating.
I saw pink parrot! They were so beautiful.
I was waiting for another parrot come. But not sucessful.
Aiyo, suddenly another parrot stopped at my backside. Scare me nia~
Two kind parrot fly on my sister-in-law hand.
Found Crimson Rosella bird.
This photo was taken using nikon slr camera by my brother-in-law. Like the parrot’s color. Looked so sharp.
The kids had so much fun feeding the parrots.
This photo looked funny. Kai Bin so “Sunbian” to feed this parrot.
Okie, this man was successful. He got 3 parrots on his body.
My mom also got one~ Such a green parrot! 
Around 10 am, we quickly rushed to Belgrave ( Home of Puffy Billy). When we reached there, 10 20am!!
The train will depart at 10.30 am. But we were still waiting for our brothers to park the car!!!

We was so worried that we will miss this train. However, we worried also no use. So, we just enjoyed taking photo while waiting.

A big post stand.

We at Belgrave station.

We bought a single trip ticket to Emerald…Er..I think single trip is $20 for adult; $10 for child. ngam got 3 hole for our 3 little kids.
Puffing Billy Railway.
Luckily we was able to catch 10.30 am train!  
We were so excited. The train was fun! Especially for kids.
Puffy Billy steam train – an original steam locomotive.
My mom one hand hold Bin Bin, another hand hold Hong Hong because the train is very “open”. Thus, it was not so safe for kids.
This century-old steam train is still running on its original mountain track.

Everyone of us were waving to the car passenger.
We passed by somewhere.
The smoke was coming out from the steam train.
While the smoke came out from the train… Yea ~ Good experience! Haha

Steam train’s whistle – “Tu Tu..Tik Tok Tik Tok”. 

We were so enjoying the windy and cool air.

Hey brother and Tai Sou, looked here! Chik Chiak~ Lol

Heehe..We had plenty of time to take photos :P We will reach Emerald around 11.20 am. Click here to view the timetable

Lovely Mama and us.
We reached Emerald station. Come, just a quick photo.

Their favourite toy - Thomas and friends! They wish they could take this train but too bad Thomas train was not operated that time.

We continued our journey to Lakeside station after 10 minutes break.

Tu Tu, Tik Tok Tik Tok again….

The steam train will ride through the forest. 

Some photos were taken along the way.


Some info and story about this Puffing Billy Railway.

We reached lakeside station. Everyone was queuing up to visit the place where the captain control the train.

My brother wa lucky. He had the chance to take photo here. LOL.

 Me with my niece and nephew.
It was dangerous to take photo beside the train engine. The temperature was super high. Later BOOM then O.O!

We have to wait until 12.30 pm for the next train back to Emerald.
We were boring to take the photo with the jacket. Almost everyday same attire.

Alot Crimson Rosella bird at lakeside station.
At first we planned to stopped by Lakeside station and took a cab or bus back to Belgrave but the captain told us at lakeside did not have public transport. Oh no. If want to take the train back to Lakeside, we need to pay the ticket again..But so lucky, the captain allowed …If we bought the ticket back to Emerald, we need to extra paid
Hehe…This photo will be our last group photo for today Puffy Billy journey. For the coming ride, we will just rest and enjoyed the view ( From Lakeside to Emerald). This is because since 10.30am. We already took 2 hours ride! More than enough loor ~ LOL
We reached Emerald station and say Bye bye to Puffy billy! We will miss you!

Click here  for the final part of Melbourne trip.

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