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Continue from previous post, let’s continue my journey in Paris :D Do you see the Arc De Triomphe (凯旋门) ? Looked near right? In fact is far oh ~ It took around 30 mins to reach there (almost 3 train station!). But there were a lot of cafes, luxury specialty shops along this Champ Elysees (香榭丽舍大道)

We passed by WC which means Toilet~ But why call WC ya? I have google WC = Water closet.
The term “water-closet” was an early term for a room with a toilet. Originally, the term “wash-down closet” was used The “water-closet” was invented in England around 1870. It did not reach the United States until the 1880s. Read more
Shopping time ~

We almost half way to Arc De Triomphe.  
Louis Vuitton (LV). If not mistaken, this is the most biggest LV shop in Paris. Long queue oh ~
Not sure what’s the event about?
Hehe, saw the Arc De Triomphe lor ~
Getting nearer~ Yo! Saw alot people on top of Arc De Triomphe.  I think the ticket is around €9. If you have museum pass, then is free la ~
We not really have much time here as we didnt expect we need to walk so far. So, we are late! We need to rush to Eiffel Tower before sunset!!! The time now is around 5 pm I guess ~
Hehe, the main purpose I put this photo as the nicest photo of Arc De Triomphe is this photo x_x’ not because of that couple oh ~
Hubby and Arc De Triomphe.
Aiks~ So sad we didnt bring tripod along. End up most of the photo can see people but cant see the whole building :( Haha. Nvm la ~ Just for a memory! Find a day, we will go to Europe for a rest and relax tour (after retirement x_x imagine how we looked like  after 30 years? but in our heart always stayed young!~ Yea) .
Close up photo~
There was a street performance. So crowded lor~
So, we kebo kebo and see.  Oh, it was a dancing performance :P Ok la, let’s JOM to Eiffel Tower (next post)! Hehe~

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