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Continue from Day 5 Part I, below are part II itenary : 
1200 : Chocalate Factory
1300 : A Maze’ N Thing
1330 : Lunch at San Remo
1430 : Checkout  All Season Philip Island Resort.

Let’s continue our journey… on the way to Chocalate Factory.
Amber said : “Wooo…Ah Ma Fried Rice!”
She was trying to show us the fried rice was superb Yummy!

After eating the first scoop. She said “Ngmmmmm, Yummmmy!”
Around 12 pm, we reached Chocalate Factory. 
This display is 100% chocolate including the sand!
Retail Shop.
Admission Prices to Pannys Amazing World of Chocolate – Adult $12;Children $8; Family $36. Family pricing is for 2 adults and 2 children. Children under four are admitted free.
Cocoa Beans growing on trees.
Drying the beans.

The World of Chocalate.
Michelangelos David in chocalate.
Chocalate Village.
World largest Chocalate Waterfall.
Want to challenge your weight with this one tonne chocalate?
Panny’s team in chocalate.
Koala Bear in chocalate.

My hubby created chocalate here.
Then, you can collect the chocalate here and eat on the spot.





Create your own flavour chocalate.

Dang Dang! Here’s the chocalate this is not FOC. Need to pay $2!

We spent around 45 minutes at Chocalate Factory. Then, we went to A Maze’ N Thing which was just opposite the Chocalate factory.
We came here just because of this water tap. Hehe…

So funny.
Hong Hong was busying on the digger machine.
After 15 mins at A Maze’ N Thing. We went to San Remo to have our lunch at Fisherman’s Co-op San Remo. A very popular fish and chip restaurant.
You can view Pelican here as well as feed Pelican at 12 noon daily.
The restaurant was full house. We were waiting for a seat.
View from the restaurant.
We found a seat inside the restaurant.

So, we started to order the food.
Here’s the food we ordered.  We ordered Calamari.
I loved this fish chip the most. Very fresh and Yummy!! I wish I can have it again~
Hot Chips. Taste good!

Brother and sister-in-law.

Lovely husband and wife.
 Love the view and the life here. Rest and relax~
Around 2 pm, We back to our resort and get ready to checkout. Ming Ming was so happy singing there. I wish I can upload and share the video here but I dont know how to upload video using wordpress lei.. Anyone know? Can teach me?
After checkout, we went to Koala Conservation centre, Nobbies from cowes and Penguin Parade. I will continue sharing more about these 3 places in my next post. Happy Sunday :)

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