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Continue from part 1…. Our next destination – Mind Cafe which located near Dhoby Ghout!

We walked there and we passed by Plaza Singapura. A huge christmas tree! 

From Dhoby Ghout mrt station, it took around 5-10 mins to reach there…We almost reached~
Prinsep Place @ Prinsep Street

Oh~ Finally we reahed Mind Cafe, a boardgame cafe.
This sign board very funny. In English mean “No laughing now else fine $5000!” ~
There were so many games at Mind Cafe.
True Colors Game?? idea what is the game about..
Our first game – Sequence!
I liked this game! It was fun!
As long as 5 same color in a line consider win.
Our next game – Monkey game~  I used to play this game with my niece and nephew during last christmas. It was fun! So, we just tried here :P

Another game - Gift Trap.
Very nice packing hor~ But no time to play ^^

Our last game, a very common game but popular game – Jenga.
Let’s start!
Hehe~  Finally we finised our game – THE END -
We really have a great and fun time here! It was a nice place for gathering ^^ But abit noisy here as everyone was shouting here…You know la, play game where got silent one ^^ Hope that we can have fun again! 
Boardgaming Charges for combo package
1st hour $7.90
subsequent hour $3.50
* main course $7.90~
Mind Cafe 
60A Prinsep Street, Opposite POMO – Formerly Parklane
Operating Hours :
2pm to 11pm (Sunday, Monday to Thursday)
2pm to 3am (Friday and Saturday,Public Holiday’s Eve)
Outlet’s Contact :
6 33 444 26
Mind Cafe has alot different kind of promotions. One of the promotion package - 2pm to 5pm ( Fri, Sat & Sun) – Free flow of drinks, 1 tibit bowl, 1 red packet – Only cost $8.80 per pax! If you want to know more about the promotion, click here.

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