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Tampopo, a japanese restsaurant which popular with the Ramen.
Black Pig ( Kuro Buta ). Heard about it? This was also my first time tried the Kuro Buta.  
The black pig’s official name is Berkshire (黑豚豆). Their pig is free from stress ^^Sound funny. One more funny thing is my hubby told me that 以前的黑猪是吃大便的。。名称为“大便猪”。。哈哈哈。。笑死我了。But later I will eat 大便猪 neh~ Yer..

We were so lucky as Tampopo was celebrating 1st anniversary at Takashimaya SC. Up to 50% off on selected dish. But so sorry, this promotion untill end of September 2010, which is already over. paiseh paiseh to inform now.

Due to the 50% off promotion, that’s why you can see the long queue outside. Luckily we came earlier.
Dang Dang… Looked so tasty right? It has been voted as Singapore No.1 Ramen  - Black Pig Shabu Ramen ($14.30).
We ordered BP Loin Tonkatsu set which had 50% promotion ($12.90 after 50% discount). Worth to try!
Looked! Crispy outside and not so oily. Nice! *For women may be need to control on eating this as the fat is quite thick yo.. * But I still miss it oh…Thinking to re-visit the restaurant to try out the Kyushu Ramen with pork broth as base, charsiew and Hanjuku egg.

Look at the egg yolk, still runny… Yum Yum… But this dish is abit salty. So, if you cant take salty food, this may be not suit you.This dish came with soup, fruits, and side dishes ($13 ++ after 50% discount ).
Kids set ($7.90)
Little Francis was attending my birthday dinner too oh..But he was so busy playing on his PSP.  
Hey, baby..come! Say cheers to camera!
Borrow Chin’s Francis a while. Looked like a family right?
Super sweet sweet couple. Albert 背后的女人。。
My Birthday oh..Happy Birthday to myself :D
Me and my lovely jimuis~
Got a wet kiss from little Francis oh ~ So touch!
Love the cake…
 Let’s make a wish first ^^
Come, let’s blow candle together. Aiks, the photo abit blur…
Thanks for the celebration, cake and dinner treat ya :D Muak Muak to everyone!
Let’s cut the cake together also ya…
Today VIP is baby Francis. Hoho..
So happy :D
Dessert time!
The cake was nice!

Francis was so happy as he got the Iphone from brother Albert!
That’s why both of them became good friends. 
Albert got a wet kiss too :D
Outside the Tampopo Restaurant.
Tampopo Restaurant
Address :  391 Orchard Road, B2-33 Takashimaya Shopping Centre Singapore.
Tel : +65 6235 2318
Opening Hours :  11am – 10pm daily

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