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I was so so so busy this month. Looked at my schedule below!!! Aiks…Hopefully I wont KO and fall sick this month. Hopefully everything sun sun li li…Go smoothly please~
1 – 4  Busy Busy working..Almost OTOT everyday except Friday…Why lei? TGIF lo ^^ Take a break in order to walk further!
5 – 7 : Hubby’s sibling came to SG for a short trip. So, brought them walked around. People said Shop until drop, we say we walked until drop -.-”’ Hehehe..Anyway, hope so they have fun and enjoyable trip. ^^ 招呼不周到的地方,请多多见谅啊!
8 – 11: Rushing Rushing for work again….Shit! Forgot to apply half day leave on Friday as I thought my flight at night…Alamak, I only have 4 and half day to rush my work…No, I only have 3 and half day as I need to attend for orientation on 8 Mar.. Jialat ~ Need to OTOT again lo :( Jia You!
11 – 14 : Fly back to Malaysia to attend 2 wedding in 2 places – Parit Buntar and Teluk Intan. Although both places at same state but total hour to travel within each place is 2 and half hours! Luckily I got a great hubby to fetch me to Anson! Wish to say sorry to Mr and Mrs See as I was not able to attend their wedding at PJ :( Sorry ya friend! My heart will still be with you on your BIG day!
12 : Congratulations and Mr and Mrs Kuah as well as Mr and Mrs See!!
13: Congratulations to My buddy + ex-neighbour – Lynn
** I wish you all have a blissful marriage!!! Hope to see you all soon!! 
15 - 18: Got project need to sign off this week!!! Again~ Rushing for work and OTOT..Hopefully everything go smoothly..
18 - 28: Taiwan vacation and taiwan photo pre-wedding shooting finally come!!! Countdown 10 days only! But countdown also no use, I have no time to pack at all and prepare for our pre-wedding photo also ~ A bit no eye see but let’s it be and Take it easy! As long as happy! Everything will become happy too! 
29 - 31 Another project to sign off but just 2 day nia ~ Really paiseh to my lead as I have to go on leave for a week. So when I back from Taiwan…I have to OT OT for helping her as much as I can! 
It will be a very tiring month but very meaningful month for us and people involve in this month! Take a big breathe and walk forward and remember must RELAX!! Luckily I have my hubby to walk along with me…When tired, I can still borrow his shoulder to rest a while :)  Hubby! Thank you and Love you ^^
To all my beloved readers too, sorry for late uploading for all the past event’s photo especially my Vietnam trip. I stopped day 1 only, still got day 2, 3 and 4! I think I will only have time to continue it after I back from Taiwan! Hopefully to see you all again on April.

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  1. Shermaine Says:

    Hope you had a lovely trip! Please share your experience with us! =)

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