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On 2008 Nov,  we went to SP Setia Eco Garden’s Eco Gallery.
We spotted a house there… Let’s me bring you to the show house… 
Dang Dang! This is the house we spotted lar~ I love the design and the color of the house. It was simple and nice. It looked modern too. House type - Visellia 1.
How big?
Visellia 1
Land Area : 20×75
Built up : 1926 sqft
Room : 4
Bathroom : 4
Below are some infos about the setia eco garden. The source from sp setia website. I really hope that the future development will be like what they promised below. You may wish to visit to sp setia website to get more info.

The Philosophies of Setia Eco Gardens

Following the success of the multiple award-winning Setia Eco Park and banking on our expertise in developing prominent eco-living townships, S P Setia now presents the Setia Eco Gardens in Johor Bahru, an eco-friendly township set within shades of greenery and placid waters to provide a desirable abode to experience an invigorating lifestyle and to nurture our children for the future.
The epitome of eco-living and future-nurturing
At Setia Eco Gardens, we believe in the very concept of living itself. Everything is simple yet sophisticated, and in this living haven you will find the very basics of appreciating the finer side of life and nurturing our future generation. Rediscover your inspirations from the fresh and clean air you breathe, lie on the lush garden and watch the stars glow amidst the nocturnal darkness with your loved ones or even let your child play with the plants and learn the wonders of nature. With Setia Eco Gardens, a new standard of sophisticated eco-living and the way our children will grow is born. It’s all about experiencing the complete eco-lifestyle and allowing our future generations learn under the most sophisticated, natural and refreshing environment. [Source]
One of the reaosn we bought this house is because of the nice environment here. Let’s share some details here so that you may have a guideline when you purchased a house in future.
House price: RM323,000
Loan 90%: RM290,700
Downpayment 10%: RM32,300 but end up we only pay RM4,300 because we were entitled RM25,000 rebate + RM3,000 discount ( referal program) 
FREE LEGAL FEES but still need to pay a MOT fees around RM7k on 2010 after we got the key!! We were informed by the salesperson after we pay the deposit >< I was abit disappointed on this!!! Next time need to be more careful. Ask more before pay. Lesson learned. MONEY hard to earn ar….
Bank Lawyer Fees: RM4300 (Included this housing loan)
MRTA insurance: RM8700 (Include in housing loan).
Total loan : RM300k.Dont know when only can clear this debt =.=|||
Term: 30 years.  Wish can make it shorter!
We chose Public Bank. The loan package as below:
1st year : 0 % interest (RM844 per month)
2nd year onwards : BLR-2 % Interest (RM1512 per month)
You can always check the latest rate from the website. The latest reported Base Lending Rate(BLR) : 6.30% (Effective since 13 July 2010). It means our loan interest rate become 4.1 % since 13 July 2010. 

Our loan package included a flexi plan means that if you have extra money, you can bank in to your loan account first. Your interest will be reduced. If you urgently need cash, you can also withdraw the money. Of course, there will be a processing fees lar ^^
Actually there were so many banks for you too choose and the package may change from time to time. So, sometimes it may depend on your luck!!!
On 2009, the house was still under construction and it was expected to be completed by Feb 2010 :D mean this year lor.. I will share more with you in my next post! Good night :D

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