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Continue from previous post , our second destination of Paris Disneyland trip - Disneyland Park. Disneyland park was divided into 5 parts – Main Street U.S.A, Frontier Land, Adventure Land, Fantasy Land and Discovery Land. Click here for the interactive map.
This is the most expensive hotel in Disneyland if not mistaken – Disneyland Hotel! How I wish I could stay here one day! Hehe :P
Let’s start our journey~

Main Street U.S.A

There was a stage performance infront of this charming Sleeping Beauty Castle! 

After the performance, we went to Frontierland first… 
Phantom Manor
Set cautious foot inside this haunted mansion and unravel the mystery of the bride who waited for her groom in vain. The spooky walls and pictures tell their own grisly tale. High ‘spirited’ fun.
Big Thunder Mountain
Ride a runaway mine train on the wind-swept sierras of Big Thunder Mountain. Hold onto your hats, as you twist and turn and plunge headlong through caves and rivers. It’s dynamite!

Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing
All aboard an old paddle steamer for a leisurely riverboat ride around the Old West sights of Frontierland. Not to be “Miss- issippied” at any cost!


Then, we proceeded to Adventure Land.
Pirates of the Caribbean
Yo ho ho and a barrel of fun! A pirate’s life for me! Take an exciting voyage through secret caverns as you join the rowdiest rogues that ever sacked the Spanish Main. But be warned: “dead men tell no tales!”

We had our late lunch at Adventure Land. This set of meal cost us around €11, just a simple snack actually. Due to the next parade was going to start, so we had to give up Les Voyages de Pinocchio ~Join in the incredible adventures of the wooden puppet, and his friend Jiminy Cricket, in his magical quest to become a real boy. A whale of a time for one and all.

We quickly went back to the main street U.S.A and the crowd was so full already :P

The parade was started – Everyone has a dream!  It was a nice parade! Let’s enjoy the photo by scrolling down…



That’s all for today post ^^ Day 2 still havent finished yet! Stay tune :P

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