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Renovation is the biggest headache part for us! It was so hard for us to decide what kind of renovation we need to do? Renovate for own stay? Renovate for renting out? Renovate for renting out but own stay in future? Different kind of renovation will cost you differently. Thus, you must need to know clearly. What is your renovation purpose.
After few weeks surveying and looking for contractor. We looked for a few contractors eg. Lee Siang, HomeWell and Advance. Finally we decided to apoint  Mr Ong Chin Lim +6017-7121235 from Advance as our contractor. If anyone have any better contractor can recommend, please share here :)
We met him quite a few times to discuss about quotation, thing to do, how to do… Thanks alot to him as he always fetched us from Bukit Indah Jusco to our house. 
Just share with you what we planned to do and how much we had spent for the renovation.
Thing to Do
1) Grill sliding door, door and windows 铁花 (power coating) – RM3700
2) Wet Kitchen 湿厨房,2尺砖 – 8.5 inch Table top  RM1200
3) Dry Kitchen 干厨房 – 13 inch Table Top (Solid Surface with solid wood cabinet) – RM3950
4) Basin 洗手盆- RM250
5) Change paid 改水喉 – RM150 
6) Water Tap 鹅头水喉管 - RM150
7) Electrical Installation.
    – Light installation RM9
    – Fan installation – RM25
    – Fan power point - RM55
    – Fan hook ( add wood ) – RM70
    – Water heater installation – RM55
    – Aircond powerpoint (inner) - RM170
    - Aircond installation (piping) - RM130
* The installation price will be pricy abit compare to electrical shop as the contractor will hack the wall and keep the wire inside the wall, like that will look nicer.
8) Aircond compressor stand – RM20
We bought our Electrical Appliances from a electric shop at Home Fair.
1) Daikin FT25DVM 1 hp Aircond 冷气 – RM879
2) Hitachi 36W Light 长灯 - RM13
3) Hitachi 18W Light 短灯 - RM12
3) Euro Uno Walter Heater 热水器 – RM180
4) Panasonic ceiling fan FMY-153 (3 leaves ) 风扇- RM118  
* All the items was delivered to my house FOC but the light they sent to us – 3 starter spoilt and 1 light spoilt.So, I was not planning to recoomend them here.
After done with quotation, we started to pick our the material and color we want. For the wet kitchen, we chose black color. For the grill door, we chose white color :) and lastly for the kitchen cabinet solid wood, there were variety of color to choose, we have selected EW6414 Clifton Wenga. How’s the outcome? I will show you in my next post which we already completed our renovation!! We had total spent RM13,400 for the renovation!! So, need to work harder to earn back~


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22 Responses to “Sp Setia Eco Garden House Renovation @ Johor”

  1. Wai Says:

    Hi QiQi,
    Can I know the company name and address of Mr Ong? Is there any website I can view his company and products?

  2. QiQi Says:

    Er.. just have his contact no.. so far didnt visit any of his company and website. Mayb you can call or sms ask him..

  3. Mandy Says:

    If I plan to rent out for first 2years and stay in the future, what do you recommend me to do for reno? My house key will be ready by June 2012. But I still do not know what to start with for reno?

    From your experience, buying the electrical items like fans, lights,etc. by ourselves is cheaper or let the contractors do all will be cheaper?

  4. QiQi Says:

    Hihi Mandy :) If you plan to rent for ppl, then u need to expect your house will need to renovate again when u move in next time. So, you can just do the bashc reno which considered partly furnished – dry and wet kitchen, grill, 1 master room aircond and 1 heater as well as all the lights and fans. We bought the electrical items during the home fair. The price might be cheaper abit… Depend on what brand you bought also. By the way, u can survey the price from electric shop first. If not much different, is less mafan if ask contractor to do all.

  5. lim Says:

    Hello ,may i know how much you rent out for whole house.

  6. QiQi Says:

    I rented out with RM1350 since 2011
    Jan. However, I will revise the rental again end of this year as the rental in market is around rm1600 – rm2000 ~

  7. lim Says:

    Do you think is good to invest at eco garden because i am also think about this area but i saw quite a lot of high cable power,how u think?

  8. QiQi Says:

    If the high cable power will give a lot impact, I think SP Setia will not develop at this area.. Just my own view… For investment wise, the rental return quite good now ~ around rm1800-rm2000. Some fully renovate can go up to rm2500. For me, if the rental can cover my interest, it consider a good investment. So, u should check out current house price and how much monthly installment, then you will see the return how much. I believe 5 years later, the house price will increase too. Hope you get a good one!

  9. lim Says:

    Thks,do u feel easy to rent out for eco garden house and how long your house is waiting for that?thank you….

  10. QiQi Says:

    After I completed the renovation, I got the tenant. Tenant is Singaporean. So far so good ;) you can ask my agent for help – Mr Alex (+60167653353)if needed.

  11. lim Says:

    Do u have make contract with your tenant and how long ?
    If have what we need to take care ? Thanks

  12. QiQi Says:

    2 years contract, so far not much thing need to take k as my tenant is good. As long as pay the tenant don’t delay the rental then ok le. And, is good to rent to a family as they can take k ur house better ;)

  13. ong Says:

    Qiqi, thank you for helping my advertising I recently have homeowners tell you about my decoration design, after to setia eco garden looking for me, I invite you and your spouse to dinner

  14. Sandy Says:

    Doin my house in adda heights. Found a good contractor. Seems easier to do alterations with this guy,he is more chin chai.not so money far so good.progress looks good.pool is oredi 80% doin columns for constructing a pool and upper floor extension.his name is victor,hp 0189057678.want more info SMS or what’s apps or viber 65-97544787.

  15. QiQi Says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  16. QiQi Says:

    Hi ong! I just shared my experience to others. wish u hv a good business!

  17. Cheryl Says:

    Hi Qiqi.

    Chanced upon ur website after looking for Setia Ecogardens. I also bought a house there. After I did my Reno with my contractor, think my contractor has been overcharging me. Hence I would like to find furniture on my own. Can you suggest sometime and cheap furniture shops that I can go to? Thanks

  18. QiQi Says:

    Hihi…i didnt buy furniture for my eco house as i rented out without furniture..only bought some electric from home fair…
    sorry ya..not able to advise u~

  19. DT Says:

    Hello ,may i know currently how much you rent out for whole house.

  20. QiQi Says:

    Hi DT,

    According to agent, partial furnished around 1.8-2k, fully furnished 2.2k-2.4k :)

  21. David Says:


    Please email me your opinion for the other reno contractors in your blog. I am consider the other you have listed in your blog. Thank you


  22. QiQi Says:

    Hi David, as quite a long time ago, I have forgetten how others contractor quotation…so not able to give you opinion…sorry

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