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2010 Mother’s Day

My brother’s beautiful garden – orchid #1

Orchid #2

Orchid #3

Birds of Paradise

A cutie bee.

Dinner time! Food #1 Lala~

Food #2 My favourate prawn (金香虾)

Food #3 Sweet and sour pork (咕噜肉)

Food #4 Pork again…扣肉

Food #5 Prawn again…奶油虾

Food #6 Black Pepper Crab (黑胡椒蟹)

Food #7 Crab again…Chili Crab (辣椒蟹)

Our mother’s day cake – Tiramisu.

The cake looked so nice. How’s the tase? Too sweet for me :)

Food #8 – Fried Hokkien Mee (炒福建面)

Our delicious and rich dinner! Yummy…

Oh… Mickey Mouse also join our dinner :D

Before we started our dinner, let’s take a group photo first.

Take 1 – Yea~

Take 2 – Cheers!

After dinner, we started to celebrate with our MOMs :) Some photos looked blur, but i still like the smile in the photos. All looked so happy!

While waiting the fan stop.

Put a candle on the cake.

All mothers! Look here and say cheers!

Looked at their mouth – O shape, they started to sing Happy Mother’s day song. Happy Mother’s day to MaMa~ Happy Mother’s day to Mama~ Happy Mother’s day to MaMa ~ Happy Mother’s day to MaMa!

Yea! Happy mother’s day!

Children them started their kissing session. They gave all mothers a WET kiss!

Sometimes, photo can help us to recall back the happy moments.

After the children have kissed all the mothers. They started to kiss father :P

They were kissing my father, their grandpa.

Then, they kissed their father or uncle.

Haha..This Amber Lim, Haha :D

Bin Bin even took a chair because he was too short to kiss his Uncle Jeremy!

After that, they kissed the camera man, their small uncle – 小姑丈!

Photo time again.

Hope everyone enjoyed tonight.

Especially our Moms.

I always miss this kind of happy moment. Luckily this time I was able to join them ^^

My little nephew was feeling not bad that night. He already vomit for few days. Hope he will get well soon.

I hope tonight will be a great night to all moms. To my dear mom, you always give us the best. Thanks for loving and caring us always. I love you, mom.

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