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At first I planned to combine this post with part 2 but got 40 more photos oh. Thus I separated it to Part 3.

Before I started my story, just give a thank you speech to Fenny << Fenny, thanks so much for your valentine's gift. It was so touch when receive it. Although just a rose but it represent your heart to us. You are really such a caring and sweet friend :) >>

After 2 weeks war, finally we gave ourselves one day REST!!! A day without thinking of work. Weini, Fenny and me were planning to go to Central, Stanley Market and Mong Kok (旺角) area. Our main activity of today is shopping!

While walking to Central, we passed by a very popular temple (文武庙) in Hong Kong Island.

Sometimes, Fenny and I came to the temple for praying. What we pray lei, we pray that everyone was healthy, happy. We also prayed that our project went smoothly :D No kidding ya. Sometimes it works after pray :P Believe or not up to you lar!

Hollywood Road (Antique street) 古董街

Why called antique street? Because 90% of the shops along this street was selling antique!

One of the big antique shop.

Can you imagine that Hong Kong island land land is not enough. All the condominiums looked so pack within each other and each condominium has so many level lei!

We called this tram “Ding Ding” because when the passenger want to stop, they will press the bell and the sound is “Ding Ding”, “Ding Ding”. Cute tram :)

In Hong Kong Island, there was a popular street called Stanley street. You will see a lot of stalls along the small lane.

We passed by here every morning while walking to work.

You will see a lot of tall building over here.

You will also see busy traffic during peak hours.

Hong Kong MATA (Police) 香港警察

We reached Central. In Hong Kong, most of the time people will take train, tram, bus, and taxi if they want to go somewhere! Besides taking those public transport, they will just walked.

I thought bamboos were just used during my grandfather’s time. How come I still can find it here! Can tahan bo? So worried when passed by those building which used Bamboo to support only =.=”’

So many restaurants.

Before we reached Mong Kok (旺角), we stopped by Sham Shui Po (深水步地鐵站) station. We went to Apliu Street (鴨寮街). A street which sell alot electric stuffs.

Weini :)

After this, we went to Mong Kok. We stopped at Mong Kok station. From here, you can go to a lot places such as Woman street(女人街), flower garden street(花园街), pet street(宠物街), sport shoe street(波鞋街).
You can see alot of things as mention in the street name. E.g. You can find alot of pets in pet street(宠物街).

Then we follow exit D2.

Can you see how crowded of Mong Kok?

What to wait. Is time to Shopping! We went to Argyle Centre and Mong Kok New Town Mall. There were so many shops selling boots *I guess so because going to end of winter*. Then I went to one of the shop that most of the boots just cost HKD100 per pair. Weini told me that the price here can be considered cheap. In Malaysia, it cost you around HKD200 per pair. So, I bought one. Remember to buy 2, because I was regret now. I was going to Melbourne in winter time. I need boots. I try to search from Malaysia. It cost about RM100 per pair x_X. Sien ^^

I wore my new boot immediately because I believe I will just keep inside the drawer after going back to Singpore because Singapore no winter time la. So hot, how to wear? By the way, very soon.. I will have the chance to wear it during my MELBOURNE trip lo :)

First time I wear boot. Got “Yau Yeng” bo? Hehe ^^

A very popular dessert stall in Hong Kong. The shop name called Xu Liu Shan (许留山). When you go Hong Kong, remember must try this especially mango dessert, okie? It was really delicious and tasty!

Let’s try the fish ball first. Just so so only oh :P

From Weini’s expression, looked like trying to tell us that the fish ball is so hard and so difficult to bite it!

It was so tired after a whole day walk and shop. But I felt so enjoy today but the happy moments always passed very past. Is time to go back la :) Go back to pack my thing as well because tomorrow we will fly back to Singapore.

Supposedly today I was celebrating together with my hubby at Bali. But what to do? I have no choice! This is so called working life. Although we failed to go Bali, but I gain 2 weeks experience working in Hong Kong. Give and take theory always happened in our real life. We must think positive always! K?

My story was not ended yet, part 1, 2, 3 just a 2 weeks business trip. It just a short period, our energy still can be recharged back after back to Singapore. But we were asked to go Hong Kong again on March! This time not 2 weeks but 2 months =.=””” Oh No!!! I have a Hong Kong trip with PS on 1st of May. How? Cancel or not? Should I say No to Boss? If you were me, what will you do??? Let’s guess and see do I cancel my Hong Kong trip? To be continued…

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