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After the Flora expo, we went to Shilin Night Market (MRT Station: JianTan 剑潭站)
When you saw this stall, remember dont go near by. That night I have been carroted by this fat lady! End up I paid NT200 for a pink guava fruit 芭乐果 which is very well know in Taiwan and it was nice actually. This fruit the most expensive also 50NT. At first I dont want to pay her but my hubby said we came to other people country better dont quarel because of money. So, I told myself : “I donated to u!!!”
Besides food, drinks.. alot other stuffs were sold at Shilin Night Market.
Grilled meatloaf (炭烤肉卷). Although long queue, but not really nice :P
Pepper Biskut (胡椒饼) not bad ~ 
Frog Eggs 青蛙下蛋.. So so only. . They called this frog eggs as the shape of the black pearl inside the drinks looked like tadpole.
Smelly TouFu (臭豆腐) Hehe..I didnt try as I dont like it :P
Meatballs from Kaohsiung (高雄肉圆)..Not bad..
Super Big Sausage~
Still ok ~ Not say super delicious..
Well known food in Taiwan - Big Sausage + small sausage (大肠包小肠) Not bad..quite special. Can have a try! 
This is how the sausage looked like.  Actually when I looked back the photo… I quite miss it :P
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