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I cant believe we signed up the pre-wedding photo package from Taiwan Bridal Shop – Cannes Wedding (坎城婚纱摄影). Initially we just thought to check out the price. But after a few hours discussion with the manager(嘉颖 Lisa),  we have decided to go Taiwan take our pre-wedding photo!! 
March Flower Season:
Cosmos Flowers,Mountain Cherry Blossoms,Apricot Blossoms,Azaleas,Yoshino Cherry Blossoms, Calla Lily Flowers,Peach Blossoms, Pomelo Flowers,Peony Blossom and etc…
Overall, I found that their service not bad. Whenever I have any enquiries, I just need to email my coordinator (静怡) or Lisa. They will call or email me back asap. Sometimes, I can even looked for 静怡 via MSN: By the way, their service is not our top priority but the photo outcome! I hope so much they can deliver what we want!  What’s my expectation? I hope so the photo outcome like the photos below. Pray for it ^^ Luckily, we were still able to book the cheap flight from Air Asia! RM886 for 2 pax round trip~ Yea! Very soon, we can go Taiwan Eat, Play and Love ♥ So excited ^^
台灣 基隆市信二路288號
Just show you some sample photos from cannes wedding album during the fair.



New update *
I would like to share one thing to people who wish to go Taiwan take photo – The Weather can ruin everything!

My initial photo shooting route is to 翡翠湾,竹子湖(海芋),梦湖,野柳 but too bad  most of the area at Taipei raining and super cold weather…Heard that only 10 degree ~ Sien, end up we “Chiong” to Tai Zhung!!! Tell you more story in my next post! So, please get ready that this will happen oh! Must have some backup plan oh! But 柳岸花明又一村~ Luckily find a nice place for photo shooting as well – 天空之城,中社花海. Stay tune on photo sharing ~

Click on the  following links if you want to know more about my pre-wedding shooting:
Click on the following links if you want to see all my pre-wedding photo with design:

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113 Responses to “Pre-Wedding Photo Package @ Cannes Wedding @ Taiwan”

  1. Carmen Says:

    I also sign up the package from cannes and plan to take photo shooting at March. May I know what is the package price and content?

  2. QiQi Says:

    So sorry ya ~因为价钱不可在网上公开哦~But I can email u the content. I will also go there on March! Which day is ur actual shooting day?

  3. Sherz Says:

    Hi there! Me and my SO had the same situation! Lol! But we shod be only gg 2 years later. Would u mind sending me ur contents since we can’t gong Kai on the web? Thanks in adv!

  4. QiQi Says:

    Hi Sherz~ I just back from Taiwan! The photo shooting was fun!.You will take the photo 2 yrs later right? Let’s me have a rest first and PM you the details later..So Tired ><''' lor :P

  5. paul Says:

    wa cool! So many pple going to taiwan to take photos.

    We went there last year. Beautiful!

    But be careful hor.. got a lot of hidden cost one.

    Qiqi, hope it was fun! :)

  6. QiQi Says:

    Hi hi…Yaya…so many hidden cost if u didnt ask clearly. I already knew it before go Taiwan. So didnt feel that is hidden cost.But in fact, go Taiwan taking photo must get ready you have to pay cab fare, make up artist, ampur, entrance fees and etc. Photo shooting is fun and I quite like the photos!! Will share it later :) I saw ur blog too..Ur wife so pretty yo~ Both of you so lovely and so enjoy during the photo session! Happy Marriage ya!

  7. Sherz Says:

    Welcome back from your trip!! Glad to know you had fun! Will you be posting up your photos? Would love to take a look at them!

    we are kinda very excited to faster go and take the photo shoot!! how are the gowns there? did you have enough time to choose your gowns on day 1?

    Thanks a lot for the information =D

  8. QiQi Says:

    Thanks Sherz! Give me sometimes ya..I was also waiting for the edited photos. When ready, I will upload some later. The gown there was great! Love it so much. Hope to bring 1 bk to Msia for my actual day but too costly la..So, forgot about it ba :P But for us at oversea, we no chance to see the gown earlier or reserve the gown coz you must try it out, only you will know suitable you or not. So have to pray for our luck that nice gown still there for you to choose. 1 day got 2 couples :) So, remember to go on time at 1 pm. We late 2 hours, so another couple choose the gown 1st..I have survey 3 gowns which I like…Luckily I still get 2 :) A lady called 小萍 served me when choosing the gown. She was cute and patient. We choose till 7 pm then check in hotel and go dinner. Then, we back to BS again at 9 pm to try the gown. For man, 灯光师 will help to match the coat with gown. Our 灯光师 called 小钟。 They served us till 11 pm ++ Paiseh paiseh :P Ya, my photographer is 罗sir and Make up artist is 小潘。 Both of them are handsome and pretty, of course they are PRO. They worked there > 10 yrs! They are good partner!! I will share more in details later :) Hope the info can give you more idea about them :)

  9. paul Says:

    waa coool!

    I love taiwan too esp can have extended trip to holiday there. :) :)

    but ya, they like to “qiao1″ pple with all the hidden cost.. But the experience is one-in-a-lifetime. Pple there are like so nice generally, even when they are “qiaoing” us. Bo pian but just have to pay.

    hope to see ur photos soon!

    Sherz must be v excited to go Taiwan le. We went to sha luo man ting. Selections not say a lot but ya, enough still. 5 dresses will take vvvv long to try but got enuff time. Just make sure you plan a few days buffer there cos if heavy rain, might postpone the day lo. Buffer days can go sightsee!

  10. QiQi Says:

    yaya…make sure check all the hidden cost ya :( else when go there only realizing that u being “qiao” then it will spoilt ur photo taking mood…so, cant let $ issue spoilt ur photo ya! enjoy enjoy!

  11. Jansen Says:

    Hihi, i am also looking to have a wedding shoot in taiwan. Can advice on the rough package price for it and the content?
    Can send details to

  12. QiQi Says:

    Hi Jansen,

    I just roughly tell you the range which I had survey…just an estimation for your reference…
    1) If you sign up from Singapore but Taiwan Bridal shop, the price arange maybe from SGD$1.5k – 3.5k (Not include actual day package)
    2) If you sign up from Singapore bridal shop but take photo from Taiwan, the price arange may be from SGD$3k – 5k (Include actual day package)
    3) If you sign up from Malaysia but not Taiwan Bridal shop, the price range may be from RM3k – RM5k (Not include actual day package)
    4) If you sign up from Malaysia bridal shop to take photo at Taiwan, the price range maybe from RM5k – 7k (Include actual day package)
    5) If you sign up directly from Taiwan bridal shop at Taiwan, the price is around NT25000- NT40000..Poses they gave normally is 20 – 30 poses also.

    Taiwan got so many bridal shops (from Taipei to Taizhung to Tainan). You can checkout from

    Different pacakge has different price. All depend on your negotiation skill. Some plp will be able to negotiate more iteams or free gift, and some plp will be able to negotiate for cheaper price :) All de

    For items 1&3, normally without stuff for actual day..e.g mornign, evening gown, car deco, hand bouquet and etc..So u must get ready that you will need to look for a separate package for actual day from local bridal shop. The poses they gave normally is 20 – 30 poses ( of couse you can try to fight for more poses, this is what people do always )

    For items 2&4, normally include stuff for actual day..e.g mornign and evening gown ~ The poses they gave normally is 30 poses (Singapore) and 30-60 poses ( Malaysia )

    Just for your information, if you want to take photo in Taiwan, you must get ready to pay for additional cost when you reach taiwan, somes maybe included in package but some are not includes. So, you can check with them on the items below~ make sure no hidden cost oh :D
    1) Rent a car for outdoor shooting ( approx 10 hours per day ) – around NT4000 to NT4200 (Within same area, else if go Tai Zhung then need to pay extra NT2000)
    2) Bring a make up artist with you for the outdoor shooting – around NT4000 (This is optional, but my advise is bring..coz when you go for outdoor shooting, you may need someone to change hairstyle, touch up make up, change gown for you )
    3) Ampur – around NT400 – NT500 per bottle (normally use 2 – 4 bottles )
    4) Entrance fees for photo shooting. E.G you went to a flower farm, you will need to pay an entrance fees around NT800 to NT1500
    5) For item 1&2, due to the bridal shop is not from local, so you may need them to send you the album…the charges is around $100 – $300, depend how heavy the thing is..
    6) Add photo: normally is around NT800-NT1200 per photo
    7) Some items example balloon ~ NT50 per balloon oh :P

    Below is the sample list of items for the package…some I also dont have…
    -18′ Big Photo album + casing (alot different size, and quality) with xx poses
    - 12′ small album with xx poses
    - 30′ or 40′ Big photo frame
    - 8′small photo frame
    - Thank you card (100- 200pcs)
    - sister card (20pcs – 100pcs)
    - photo printed in calendar
    - photo printed in magazine
    - cd
    - dvd
    - 3-6 style gown & coat for photo shooting (* remember to ask the gown they gave is all open for you to choose? some just restrict level 1 and said level 3 you need to pay extra)
    - free pick up service from airport
    - free 2/3 night accomodation

    Ok la, that’s all i can share with you :) . Hope infos above can give u some ideas how’s the Taiwan package go :) Taking photo in Taiwan maybe pricy, troublesome but it was quite fun, the view there nice too:) Abit special if compare from SG and Msia lo.. Ya, someone has recommeded me BlueBay in Singapore. Sound good also. You can go to their website to have a look. .If you look for a budget and free all soft copies, you can look for KeepGallery from Malaysia as well~

  13. Winnie Says:

    I m just back from the KLCC Wedding Fair 2011, i met this Cannes Wedding @ Taiwan today, in fact i m very interested in the package, but the advisor said must pay RM1500 as deposit, i didn’t pay as i m never heard about this company, but after seeing forum now, i m a bit regret i didn’t pay the deposit..

  14. QiQi Says:

    Hi Winnie, not need to regret. You can still contact their sales person if you still interested. Maybe can still discuss the package which they offered you. They may be still consider to offer you the same :P No harm to try it~ I believe, they got business wont say No also :P haha..

  15. klcoolgirl Says:

    Hey Winnie, I signed up for Cannes package last year at Bugis(s’pore), but I would like to let go my package now due to accidently pregnant, thus unable to travel to TW for the PS. Have to settle with Local package which is more expensive and lesser pose due to the time constraint =(

    I got a very good deal on the Cannes package because I sat down and negotiated for longer than 2 hours on the first time, and when I was traveling to Taiwan last year, I negotiated for the second time!(End up Many poses, free hotel, freebies).

    To be honest, I was sad about missing the TW photography opportunity but I guess instead of wasting such a good package, I would like to transfer it to a new lucky owner by getting back my deposit.

    Deposit which I paid is SGD300, and the package is in Ringgit Malaysia, total RM3500 (14xxSGD ONLY!!!), best of all with NO Expiry date. Please email me for the detail, on a first come first serve basis, thank you !

  16. Iznaynus Says:

    Hi klcoolgirl,
    I’m interested in ur package! Could you share more details with me?

  17. Elsie Says:

    hi…can u email me the mail n the content pls…TQ…seems like nice n pretty..

  18. Elsie Says:

    the price n the package pls…

  19. klcoolgirl Says:

    Hi lznaynus, pls leave ur email address here.. If not, I dunno how to email u.. =) thanks!

  20. klcoolgirl Says:

    Hi, Elsie, email sent to ur mailbox already, pls check for it… thanks!! =)

  21. Elsie Says:

    klcoolgirl, may i know dat wen did u sign up dis package? u take this packege at SG?

  22. klcoolgirl Says:

    Elsie, i signed it last year at Bugis Singapore, coz that time cannes got roadshow there.. do u get my email? u may reply anything through email.. =)

  23. Bell Says:

    Hi Qiqi…
    I’m from Indonesia, I went to verywed website, but I dont really understand those chinese chracters..Can only read half half..hahahaha ^^

    Can you tell me which package that you think is better?
    Is it to take the package directly at Taiwan, or go to Branches at Singapore /KL?

  24. Squall Says:

    got same situation with all of u here…
    we (me & gf) just signed-up with Cannes to for pre-wedding photoshot..
    And yes, we discuss nearly 1 hour with 静怡, he so funny guy.. And we managed got few freebies… :D
    Actually we only intend to check for market price, but end up sign up with them..
    Oh yeah, i just sign last week (6 Aug) at Suntec..

  25. QiQi Says:

    Hi Bell, as I only have experience with Cannes Wedding so I was unable to tell you which 1 better :P But I can share with you some other bridal shops which I heard before :P ~ So, u can compare compare.
    1. Blue Bay Wedding from SG/Taiwan (+6567356789,, Photo and gown nice
    2. My Dream Wedding from Malaysia/SG (+603-77260998, OR Photo and gown nice
    3. Keep Gallery from Malaysia Petaling Jaya ( +603 78774066 * so far I found this is the only bridal shop which give you back all the softcopies in 5R and the photo style quite creative and special.
    4. My Ideal Wedding from Malaysia Penang (TEL: +604-6588846, +604-6598846, * Quite cheap and photo not bad especially magazine style
    5. Kuang Yee Bridal Shop Malaysia Penang ( (6)04-2288 476,, ) * Quite like the korean style photo

    It was good that you can sign up from local bridal shop with the actual day package. So, you can save for the postage fees for the album/gown. And, you not need to choose the photo so rush as well as not need worry about the actual day gown trying/altering!~ Hope all the infos can help~

  26. Squall Says:

    Hi QiQi…
    may i know what is “sister card” ?

  27. QiQi Says:

    Hi Hi ~ Sister card is just a name :P In fact it was just a 4R photo with a hardcover :) The photos is to distribute for family and friends~

  28. QiQi Says:

    Hehe..Squall :) I think human is like that :) Haha. Maybe this is a fate u and Cannes Wedding :) Any problem try to discuss with them lor :) They will try to assist you one. Enjoy ur photo shooting later!

  29. ben Says:

    hi qiqi can sendme your price package to TQ

  30. QiQi Says:

    Hi Ben ~ The price cant be shared o ^^ but can share with you the content :P Email u d ~

  31. Glenda Says:

    Hello guys/ladies.I too bought a package from them at Suntec with my fiancee.I’m actually kinda worried whether they’re reliable.I’m so new to this.Can anyone advise me?I’m still waiting for an e-mail from them atm..

  32. QiQi Says:

    Hi Glenda ~ They are reliable. Dont worry be happy ^^

  33. Glenda Says:

    Hello QiQi.thanks for your reply.Just waiting for the email from the guy.I signed my package on 13th we have been waiting rather impatiently.bought it on impulse some more so naturally we’ll worry a little=D.Care to share with me about your experience?

  34. QiQi Says:

    Hi Glenda,

    Yaya. Understand your situation. I still remembered last time I signed up, I also worried I 上贼船 :P So, keep online google about their bridal shop :) Haha.. Think about the pass, it quite a long process, I think they also served me for more than 1 yr!!! Haha, so the money you pay actually is worth also la :P If you got anything, you can just give them a call at +886224256968 and look for that guy :) If that guy not around, tell anyone of them about your situation, they will try to assist you. Ya, normally they will appoint someone assist you from start to end. You ask and see, who is the one who assist you. In such, you not need to keep talking to different people about your problem or arrangement.

    Overall I quite satisfied with the photo, felt romantic and nice but not the photo style not modern type lo :P About the cons ho.. just share abit here, money wise will need to spend more compare to taking photo locally :P And my actual day package was not included, so when reach actual day, i got to find again..quite mafan lo. Then I felt abit rushing on choosing the gown and photos as the time in Taiwan is limited. And one more thing, weather in Taiwan! It can be changed from A to B. So, you must have a backup plan if location A raining or too cold.

    Sometime I felt how come we pay money but can return so many problems de? Hehe. abit funny ho :P So, no matter how, you try to enjoy the process ya!!!

  35. Agnes Says:

    Hi, klcoolgirl! Do you mind that email me the mail n the content pls! Not to forget the price and the package. It seems like nice. email to

  36. Alicia Says:

    May i know the price for pre-wedding photo package. Thanks

  37. chris Says:

    Hi there qiqi…can send me more information regarding ur package with cannes wedding?thx and regards!

  38. JJAng Says:

    Qiqi and klcoolgirl,

    Do you mind to email me the package content? My email is

    Thank you!

  39. jun Says:

    hello, can anyone share with me the package and content as well as the experience you had with Cannes? Thanks!

  40. Glenda Says:

    good day guys,i bought my package with cannes at suntec and flew to taiwan for my photoshoot in was the most unforgettable experience ever.feel free to email me and ask me.I’d be willing to share my photos with you too=)

  41. Elsie Says:

    Glenda: can share me ur xperience n photo? TQ

  42. Glenda Says:

    Will be glad to.but won’t be convenient to share here openly.Please email me.And I will try my best to relate my experience with Cannes=)

  43. Elsie Says:

    Glenda: mail…^^

  44. Sharon Says:

    Hi Qi Qi,

    I just sign up for my package today. My HTB so worried that I got myself on the pirate ship. Care to tell me more? I’m glad that you share your experience with us here. Would you mind to tell me how much did you pay for your package and how much more did you pay when you get there? My email is

  45. Sharon Says:

    Dear Glenda,

    Would you also mind to share your experience with me too? Please drop me an email at Thanks you very much.

  46. QiQi Says:

    Hi Sharon, already email you the details~

  47. JJAng Says:

    Hi Sharon,

    Do you mind to share yours too? my email is

    Thank you!

  48. tiffany Says:

    hi qiqi, m going to cannes for photo shooting on coming March, you was there last year march too right? can you share more to me, as m so afraid will b very cold during outdoor shooting.
    And cannes is at “ji long”, is it far from taipei? where to stay is more convenience for photo shooting??
    sorry to have so many questions, just feel a bit nervous now..
    Thanks ya. my email:

  49. QiQi Says:

    Hi Tiffany,

    You can refer to the link below for more information: (Taiwan to KeeLung is around 45 mins, we stayed at the K-hotel which included in our pre-weddign package) (Weather is unpredictable during March. We reach Taipei on 19 Mar which is 23 degree but on 21 Mar the weather changed to 10 degree at KeeLung, so end up we travelled to Tai Zhung, luckily the weather good~)

    I have email you my package details. Pls chk :) Enjoy your photo shooting!!!

  50. Glenda Says:

    Hey Tiffany.Normally if you buy the package from Cannes they will include the hotel for you.mine was hotel kodak.5 mins walk to their shop.hope you all enjoy the photo taking experience like I did there.I enjoyed myself tremendously.though the photo taking was took 11hours to wrap up.haha

  51. tiffany Says:

    QiqI, received ur email. Thanks for the info.

    Glenda, I dun have free accomodation, should research more before signed the package. :(

  52. Glenda Says:

    oh.sometimes the stuffs they include will differ from couple to couple.I got the package on a momentary whim when I passed by their roadshow at suntec.I didnt stop to think much also.haha.but dun worry too much,youll enjoy it like I did=).come to think of it,we were quite rash and jumped into the decision also,we’re young so sometimes we cant think straight.hehe

  53. clara Says:

    I’ll be going to Taipei for a photoshoot in june. Care to share ur experience? –

  54. QiQi Says:

    Hi Clara,
    Enjoy ur photoshoot ~ I have shared my experience on below post :) U may have a look when u free ^^

  55. Seline Says:

    Hi ladies, i just signed up with Cannes. Also a bit worried because saw some negative comments on forum. Care to share your experience and photo shoots with cannes? Email:

  56. QiQi Says:

    Hi Selina, far quite a few cannes wedding bride i met, their comments not bad. But really depend on u actually, see how much is ur expectations to them… so far if i rate overal is OK la, not the best but not that worse..can say so still worth on what I pay la especially their service, they not really vy $ face la. I wil email you a few photos later..hope you like it!

  57. Dol Says:

    Hi all, able to share the photos taken with me too please? im kinda worried too, not sure if their photography skills are good or not =x.. pls mail me at thanks!

  58. QiQi Says:

    Hi Dol, I just finished upload my pre-wedding photo to my blog ~ Feel free to visit link before ;) Of course hope you like the photos too!

  59. June Says:

    Hi QiQi,

    I enjoy reading your Cannes experience. Are there a lot of nice sceneries around Kee Lung, where the Cannes is? How far is Kee Lung from Taipei town? Never been to Taiwan before. How long did it take for the album to be delivered to you and how much you paid for the shipping charges?

    Thanks :)

  60. QiQi Says:

    Hihi…Near Kee Lung quite alot nice scenarios..example Ye Liu(野柳), Fei Chui Wan (翡翠湾) but too bad we did not have the chance to take photo there due to raining and cold weather. So we went to Tai Zhung. You can view my photo – From Kee Lung to Taipei it took around 45 mins i guess :P It took around 3 – 4 mths. Depend on how much time you spend on editing the design. Shipping will cost around sgd200/rm300 depend on the weight.

  61. Shermayne Says:

    Hi Glenda and Qiqi,

    Do you mind sharing with me too?
    My email is
    Thanks a lot.. :)

  62. Pegs Go Says:

    Dear QiQi & Glenda,

    I just signed up with cannes wedding yesterday (act we were just surveying the market price but ended up signing on the spot), the sales person is very persuasive. I m kinda worried dat i ll kena “con” :P do u mind sharing to me ur photoshoot?? thanks very very much, email

  63. Jenny Says:

    Hi QiQi,

    Tried to view your pre-wedding photos here:

    but it is password protected. Do you mind sending me some of your photos? I am planning to go Taiwan for photoshooting on January. Email:

    Thank you so much dear

  64. CL Says:

    Im going for my tw photoshoot on Jan 2013! so excited!!! can I view your pre-wedding photos at

    it is password protected. Thanks :)

  65. QiQi Says:

    Hi, have emailed you :)

  66. JC Says:

    Hi QiQi,

    Could I please have a look at your photos on

    It is password protected.

    Also, you mentioned in your post :”Just for your information, if you want to take photo in Taiwan, you must get ready to pay for additional cost when you reach taiwan, somes maybe included in package but some are not includes. 1) Rent a car for outdoor shooting ( approx 10 hours per day ) – around NT4000 to NT4200 (Within same area, else if go Tai Zhung then need to pay extra NT2000)
    2) Bring a make up artist with you for the outdoor shooting – around NT4000 (This is optional, but my advise is bring..coz when you go for outdoor shooting, you may need someone to change hairstyle, touch up make up, change gown for you )
    3) Ampur – around NT400 – NT500 per bottle (normally use 2 – 4 bottles )
    4) Entrance fees for photo shooting. E.G you went to a flower farm, you will need to pay an entrance fees around NT800 to NT1500
    5) For item 1&2, due to the bridal shop is not from local, so you may need them to send you the album…the charges is around $100 – $300, depend how heavy the thing is..
    6) Add photo: normally is around NT800-NT1200 per photo
    7) Some items example balloon ~ NT50 per balloon”

    For item 4, is the cost for enterance per person or a group? would you advise to bring your own props?

  67. QiQi Says:

    Have emailed u… entrance fee is charged per group :)

  68. hlsp79 Says:

    Im going for my tw photoshoot on 6th march 2013. can I view your pre-wedding photos at is password protected. Thanks

  69. QiQi Says:

    Hi sorry for late reply~ I have emailed you! Enjoy the photo~

  70. Serena Says:

    Hi can you send me your package details to me.

  71. JASLYN Says:

    Hi babe, can I have the password to the photos please?:)

  72. Vaslyn Says:

    Can I view your Pre-wedding photos? It he one which is password protected. just sign up with Cannes.. But there’re more bad reviews than good one.. & really hope mine will be ok. :D how do you really choose your photographer & make up artist.

  73. jacky1011 Says:

    Hi QIQI. Would also like to view your photo with Cannes. Its password protected. Mind send to me? I also signed with them last two weeks due to too tired comparing lots of taiwan bridal package, now a bit worried.

  74. jaslyn Says:

    hi babe, do you mind sending the password to my emai? thankyou:)

  75. QiQi Says:

    Hi all Cannes wedding bride to be~ send to u all le ^^

  76. Rollsalot Says:

    Hi Qiqi,

    Can I view your ps at the link below? Just signed up with Cannes too.. On an impulse >~<
    can you advise what did you do for actual day? Rented gown from Cannes or went to look for separate bridal studio? Is it expensive?

  77. Lyn Says:

    Hi QiQi, mind send me your password too?

    Many thanks

  78. Lyn Says:

    Hi QIQI,

    Mind to share yr password with me???

    Thousand thanks

  79. QiQi Says:

    Hi lyn.. Email you already ^^

  80. Elyn Says:

    Hi Qiqi,

    mind to share your password with me also?
    thanks before :)

  81. Medelyn Says:

    Hi Qiqi,
    mind to share your password with me also?
    thanks before ^^

  82. QiQi Says:

    Medelyn, already sent to ur email :)

  83. Valerie Says:

    Hi Qiqi,

    I have recently purchased a wedding package with cannes wedding too. Read many reviews and they actually mention that their service and editing skills ain’t that good. I will be flying to taiwan next yr end march/early april for the shoot. Wondering is it a good month? Please advice.

    Mind sharing with me your password so I’m able to view the pictures to have a guide line?

    Thanks and your help is appreciated. :)

  84. Shuhui Says:

    hello Qiqi,

    can send me you pre-wedding package and price to thank you :)

  85. Rachel Says:

    hi qiqi,

    i’ve also signed-up cannes!
    can i have a look at your pre-wedding photos? it’s password protected

    many thanks

  86. QiQi Says:

    Hi Rachel,

    Please check your email :)

  87. QiQi Says:

    Ya, editing skill not that good. I have asked them to re-edit lot times :) but service quite good. The boss even bring us to airport themselves.
    However, overall still ok with the outcome. For us, it just an experience throughout our wedding journey :) Hope you can have a lots fun during your photo shooting. I hope they can improve their editing skill also ^^
    Password already shared to you.

  88. Susu Says:


    I got a wedding package to let go from e-时尚, it’s a famous TW wedding photo-shoot team, i signed it on impulse too but come to think of it i not ready for a photoshoot with my bf yet. i rejected them and wanting to go off but they hold us and finally letting off with a good bargain that’s why we signed but in the end. But come to think of it, that’s really still early for us. Willing to let it go. Pls email me at if any of u are interested.

  89. Zw Says:

    Hi QiiQi, like you I just happen to walk past their booth today and sign the package. But glad to know your experience with them is so good. Can I have the password to see your photos?

  90. Zw Says:

    Are you able to email me your package and price to as we’ll? Thanks

  91. QiQi Says:

    Hi Zw, I have emailed you! Enjoy your photo shooting!

  92. Susan Says:

    Hi QiQi,

    I have just signed up for the package also, really hope you can share with me the passcode so i can have some guideline.

    Thank you very much.

  93. QiQi Says:

    Hi Susan,

    Already email you. Enjoy photo shooting!

  94. zhiyuan Says:

    Hi QiQi,

    I am considering signing up with Cannes. glad to know your experience with them is great!

    Really hope you can share with me the passcode to see the photos as well as package details and price.

    You could email them to me @

    Thank you!

    Best Regards

  95. Meiyu Says:

    Hi Qiqi,

    I would like to view your wedding photoshoot pics too! Please email me :)

    Thank you

  96. Rara Says:

    Hi Qiqi,

    I have just signed up for the package recently at jcube. Could you share with me the the password so that I may have a look at their photography style?

    I’m starting to feel regret signing the package with them. We never had the intention to purchase wedding shoot package but their deal sounded so good, ..but i found out that a gf of mine also signed w them at a lot more lower price!!

    Can I just check with you if you made any special request (i.e Going to sheep ranch for photo taking?) Because I requested that from them, the manager promised it is within route but now through email another lady called Emily Lee told us that we need to pay for a 2nd day shooting + crew hotel + meals + vehicle + MOA etc bcos the ranch is too far away!!! :(


  97. Catherine Says:

    hi QiQi

    I just signed up a package with Cannes yesterday. Can I have the password to see the photos? Thank you.

  98. Angeline Says:

    Hi QiQi,
    I will be going for photoshoot with Cannes this April. Could you share with me the password for your photoshoot pictures for reference? Much thanks in advance!

  99. QiQi Says:

    Dear Angeline, has email you. sorry for late reply!

  100. QiQi Says:

    Meiyu, password sent!

  101. QiQi Says:

    Hi Rara,

    For those location outside the taipei or journey more than 2 hours…they may requested for the taxi fare (pay to taxi driver) and if additional 1 day, sure have additional charges for everything. Sometimes this kind of sales is really quite tricky, you didnt ask, they will not tell, and depend to the salesperson, my salesperson and ppl I met quite nice, they also just did their job. Maybe you can request to talk to their boss, tell her ur concern, and the price really expensive if compare to others. Cant be so unfair too. All Taiwan shooting need to be more careful when dealing the price as alot additional cost when go there. And you have to pay as you already fly over there. So, must specify clearly. BTW, is a fun experience to have a shooting trip there…memorable one ya…so dont worry, just plan for a beautiful route, if cant go ranch can still go other place. As sometime need to see timing also, if raining and not a winter time, all the sheep without fur also not nice. Pay so much just to go there is abit not worth, near by kee lung still got alot nice place :) Miao Li nice also…you can ask them to share the route plan with you….then only ask for the additional charge..

  102. Dol Says:

    Hihi…. Can send me password as well? ;) .

  103. Christine Says:

    Sign-up with them when visited Singapore last week. Not sure pricy or not cause never compared before. Just happened to sit down n try to ask market price but end up signed the package. Quite worry after that as not going to take the photo so soon n not sure which crew they will assign. When I signed up the guy showed photos in iPad very nice but when I survey photo in forum or Facebook some of the photo is not nice maybe due to different photographer. Another thing to worry is the weather as well plus hidden cost. Thanks for sharing the experiences here. If you don’t mind, can provide me password as well? Wondering to take photo in 2016 but I think the agreement still valid at that time, however, the rest of the hidden cost might be increase if waited too long.

  104. Christine Says:

    Sorry, my email is the package also said include one normal wear. I have no idea what to bring for normal wear shooting. Anyone of you also include this shoot? Any recommendation? I don’t wan wear jeans because my thigh not nice…

  105. QiQi Says:

    IF dont like normal wear, just tell them. OK, dont wear something you feel uncomfortable and feel not nice. Ask them to change the normal wear to gown wear. THeir package should be standard on how many set of gown and etc, normal wear is included in package or additional free for you? Some people will like to wear for normal and casual for photo shooting cause they like more natural style.

  106. QiQi Says:

    You can ask the nice photo is taken by which photographer, then u can book in advance. For those additional cost will be only know when you go there. They cant include in the package as Taiwan photo shooting as you might choose to go to taizhung or tainan, the taxi fare will also changed if distance is quite far. Somemore most of the photo shooting location in Taiwan got entrance fees charger and vary from location to location. So, if you choose to go nearer place and with free entrance location, then the price will be cheaper than :) The cost is not pay to cannes wedding also, is pay to taxi driver and others. I also know all these when I reached there. If you think like this, you will feel better yo :)

  107. Christine Says:

    The normal wear is free. Maybe discussed too long with them, and mentioned before that we actually have intention to choose another company, then he said give one free style which is casual wear. Maybe I ask them if this can be replaced with any dress that i (example ROM one). I have some example photos that I got from the other company, so I am thinking maybe show them the photo to get an rough idea on how much is the additional charges n if they can customize the route. The route they provided I can’t figure out which is which.

  108. Christine Says:

    Saw your photo, the two with flowers super nice!!! Not sure if they can get me tulips one. I saw the flower season schedule that they provide got tulip in march!

  109. QiQi Says:

    Thanks and great that you like it, so far few of the bride is happy after back from there :) I miss that moment still :) It was quite great ya especially shooting while travelling. Although I cant go to my initial route which in Taipei but quite siok go Miao Li also.. and I told you my photo shooting team is bravo!!! They put all their heart in our shooting day, including the driver! For the night photo…is not 灯光师为了替我照灯almost fall down happy dun worry :)

  110. Christine Says:

    Actually all the photos very nice n unique! I think it must be a great experience! Thanks for sharing it with me. I got the routes that Cannes provided to me, my first choice is taipei. But I think Miao Li not bad as well. Thanks for sharing! I feel better now. Initially can’t find more Cannes info online. Lucky found your blog.

  111. Andy low Says:

    Hi..could u send me the password? Just sign up the package with cannas last two week in abit worry as different photographer seems to have different standard..need to do some homework before fly over there..thanks alot !!

  112. Angeline Says:

    Hi Qiqi! thanks for your reply previously and sharing your photoshoot pictures :) I felt more at ease when I travelled there for my shoot earlier in April.. It was a really enjoyable experience and the staff were also very nice :)

  113. QiQi Says:

    Hi Andy, no password is required now. You can access directly~

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