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Finally I reached the final part of my Melbourne trip! I had spent 4 months to complete the blog >< Paiseh~ After Puffing Billy half day tour, we back to Melbourne city. We parked our car somewhere near by Federation Square.
Looked at my mom, so Yao Yeng ^^ Actually the weather was so cold. All of us just hide at somewhere while waiting for my sister.
On the way, I saw some nice  buildings.
Louis Vuitton!
St Patrick.
Not sure what is the church called?
We on the tram now.
Baby Amber so tired after few days journey~
The sun was so big but the weather still so cold.
We reached Harbour Town Shopping Centre.
Foodstreet. Got KFC!
 Burger Monster.
Each burger costs around AUD11.50!
Really dont what to eat, so we just tried Australia’s KFC. See got any different bo..Er..Not much different. 

Burger Monster!
 Fried rice which ordered from chinese restaurant.
Baby Ming Ming.
We had our simple lunch here.
After lunch was our shopping time. We had 2 hours+ to shop around only.

We dont know what to buy actually…Just grab some snacks back.
Bought alot Thinkly cut potato chips as it was nice and cheap. One packet AUD1.95!
Amber loved the bear bear.  
Amber and mummy.
After shopping, we took free tram back to city centre.


When you visited to Melbourne, remember to take this free tram as it will bring you around Melbourne City tourist spot. It will introduce the history of each place too.
Passed by Chinatown. 
Victorian Parliament
After the city night tour via tram. We back to the place we parked our car. We were so shocked when see this parking fees! 3 hours AUD59 mean RM150 ++!! So expensive.

On the way to airport.
Reached Melbourne Airport soon.
Reached International Departure area.
When check in, all the children were required to queue in a line.
Ah Ma took care 5 of them :) Hey, see that Hong Hong! Not in a line ~
After check in, we went for shower! My mom sure felt comfortable after showering especially not need to wear so many layers.
Everyone gave my sister a big wet kiss for organizing this Melbourne trip~ I wanted to say thank you to my sister also. Not sure she can fully enjoyed the trip or not as during these 6 days, she was just took care 14 of us. Thanks sister ~ Muak Muak too.
Everyone had finished taking bath.
Kids : “We were going back to Malaysia!”
Our flight departure time was  midnight 00.15 am. That’s why everyone looked so sleepy..
Mummy and me. Hope so mummy enjoyed this trip.
Thanks so much to my hubby who accompany me and my family along the journey.

Is time to fly  back Malaysia! Good bye Australia, I will miss u ^^

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