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Continue from previous Paris Disneyland post, when the time turn to 5 pm, the Sleeping Beauty Castle was still so beautiful and it was coincidence that Paris Disneyland was celebrating Halloween!
There was another view of Sleeping Beauty Castle with Halloween stage :)
The show was started and it was enjoyable~ Really got the Halloween feel here ^^ 
Hehe, Mickey, Minnie & Disney family was celebrating Halloween together with us o :P
After the show, we went to a must go place in Fantasy Land which called – A Small World. It looked similiar as Hong Kong Disneyland one. So, not much surprise here but still feel very nice when entering this Small World :)
Then, we proceeded our journey to Discovery land for our last activity today – Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast.
Ok ~ We were going to say Goodbye and Goodnight to Sleeping Beauty Castle la!~

Before going back, of course not forgot to buy some souvenirs from Paris Disneyland Store lo..

There were so much cute and nice stuff inside here but due to my pocket was not enough for that, so I only snap photo for memory lo~ Sob sob :D
Last but not least, we took the opportunity to snap as much as photo we could~
Sleeping Beauty Castle from far :)
Main Street U.S.A at night so beautiful when light on!

Okla, already stepped out from Paris Disneyland, really got to go lor :)

Paris Disneyland Hotel at night beautiful too. 
Paris Disneyland Park was closed at 9 pm. Of course, the entertainment was not ended yet. There was a Disney Village will be operated till 12 am I guess. So, for those who stayed in Disneyland can still explored and shop around.
There was a Cafe Mickey inside the Disneyland Village but the queue was so long. So, we didnt take dinner here although we were so hungry :P
So, we back to hotel nearby restaurant – Le Metro to have our very late dinner. Luckily they still served main course :D Haha. We had this heavy meal before sleep ~ Dont care lo. Eat first ^^
Finally we back to our hotel – Hotel Latin which was located on the Boulevard Saint Germain, close to Paris’s Notre-Dame cathedral, right in the heart of the Latin Quarter. If you stayed here, you could easily visit the Panthéon, Notre-Dame, the Jardins du Luxembourg, the Louvre, and etc (walking distance no problem oh ^^ )
Home Latin Hotel
15 and 17 rue Du Sommerard
75005 Paris
Tel.: +33(0) 1 43 26 25 21
Fax: +33(0) 1 43 29 87 04 

Before going to Paris already heard alot of unsafe story in Paris, sound so dangerous and not safe x_x. However, the safety environment was not as worst as you think. You just need to beware on people around you when inside the train or crowded area and dont go out alone at night. 
The map below was get from website, felt quite useful. So, share to all of you. For those who concern the safety, try to avoid 18e, 19e. Staying at 1e, 3e, 4e, 5e, 6e and 7e not bad as these areas quite safe and convenience to alot places. Of course the hotel price will be more expensive.First 2 nights, we stayed at 5e - 2 nights costs €241.60 plus a secure booking fees €5.60. And, last night, we stayed at 9e - 1 night costs  €136. The most expensive hotel we stayed within our 3 weeks journey. One night average cost rm500 o~

If you have 4 in one group then you can consider to stay at budget hostel which average €25 per night for a sharing bed. If 2 in one room is average €50. But one thing need to concern if stayed at budget hostel. It was advisable to read the review of the hostel first as heard that some tourist luggage was stolen eventhough was locked in room. So, make sure the hostel is popular and have a good review ok? Next, we will move our step to another country -  Netherland! Stay tuned!

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