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Amazing Iphone 4 in White

Click here to view the product from Apple website.
Tomorow is a Labour day, so I gave an excuse to myself! I want to buy a gift for myself for this Labour day in order to Thanks myself for working so hard along the years :P And, Gambateh to work hard oh… So, I picked Iphone 4 as a gift! LOL, what a good excuse in order to get an Iphone 4. @_$ 
As my company has a bad reception for Starhub or M1. So, I signed up the data plan from Singtel. I took the IFlexi Lite plan which cost $39.00 per month. But luckily my husband’s company offered staff rate. So, the monthly subscription fee only $30.42 + FREE caller ID. Then, I chose Iphone 4 16GB which cost $480 :P   
Deng Deng Deng!!! My Iphone is here!!!! 

Hohoho! So happy! Finally I got my 1st Apple product!!!  Happy Labour day and happy long weekend to everyone!



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4 Responses to “Amazing Iphone 4 in White”

  1. Weilies Says:

    Wah!!! Look so good!

  2. your.friend Says:

    What a good excuse for a new gift :D
    so, what’s your new number?

  3. QiQi Says:

    Yea… Feel so good also :D

  4. QiQi Says:

    Hey my.friend. I still use the same number. No Change :)

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