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Wedding Bands Part II

This story is continuous story of previous post  -  Wedding Band

Today PS n I went to Plaza Singapura , Dhoby Ghout.
The purpose we went there is to take our wedding band at Celestial.
Actually is Goldheart la, but I dont know why this shop name is Celestial…

When we tried the ring. The ring is quite tight for PS. Ps wonder is it he fat already. How come that day test out the size 18 is suitable but now so tight. Finally he tried the testing ring again and find out the testing ring was different to the real ring. It was not accurate one…..X_X. So we requested them to change the size to 19. Luckily the other outlet at AMK still have ring size 19.

Then another thing make me so fed up also! The salesman told me that PS ring actually cost 388, they said the manager last time counted 348 for me only. So need to add on 40 dollar.
I am so fed up and just told the salesman ”The manager told us that the ring is cost 348, receipt also printed out, money also paid, credit card also charged already!!! And now you told me counted wrongly~ and I need to responsible on it?????? If like that I rather to refund back the ring and I wont visit second time! “…I am so angry~
Then finally the salesman said sorry to me and said will settle themselves and will not charge me at all.  Huuuu..then only i released my anger if not I think I will boycott Goldheart :D

After that we went to AMK to took PS ring. Then we requested them to help us do the engraving. So happy that this outlet able to engrave the heart shape symbol. Because I have called dhoby ghout outlet to ask about this. They said unable to engrave the heart shape sysmbol, only can do the alphabet and number. Different outlet has different service oh~

For female ring :
PS MC 03.10.09

For male ring:
MC  PS 03.10.09

The box is nice! 
Wedding Band 2

Our wedding band come with a wedding pillow :D
GoldHeart Wedding Pillow

Goldheart Jewellery will guarantee us wedding band(s) against manufacturing defects for a full 2 years from the date purchase which is 21.09.09.

A member card was given to us also. The card entitles the holder to 20% discount at all Goldheart jewellery outlets.However this card is not applicable with other promotions, vouchers and card privileges. Eg. the wedding bands we bought is promotion item.Thus, even you have member card, you are not entitled for the discount too.

GoldHeart Member Card

Finally settled our ROM wedding band thing!~ Now countdown for 1003 :D hehe …

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