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Recall back to past few months, this is our first team outing! A bowling session at Super Bowl which located at Marina Square.
Different period and different groups have different rate. The price is around $3 – $4.30 per game!


O..Is time to pick our bowling shoe.
We booked for 2 lane. So, we were splitted into 2 teams :)
Before we started the game.
Let’s me strike all..Hehe, dont go in LongKang will be happy already ^^

No worry, we still got CY.


However, we still loss :P Team no.17 too many expert lo..Our final mark is 572 VS 385.

Super Bowl Marina Square

6 Raffles Boulevard #03-200
Singapore 039594
Tel : 6334 1000  Fax : 6334 3498


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