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Just a quick share to bride to be @ Cannes wedding ~ Sorry for late sharing due to busy busy life :D Hope you all like it!

 - THE END -

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7 Responses to “Pre-Wedding Photo @ Cannes Wedding @ Taiwan”

  1. eChen Says:

    恭喜恭喜 !

  2. QiQi Says:

    Thanks eChen!

  3. Glenda Says:

    pretty pictures,beautiful bride.will share mine soon=).btw congrats!

  4. vyonney Says:

    hi there, ur photo looks great, r u willing to share the location that u went for ur pre wedding? thank u.. i hope u wont mind to share =)

  5. QiQi Says:

    Thanks ^^ My Initial plan route :夢湖(樹林道.湖.鞦韆)>海芋田(季節性)>野柳地質公園(風化石)>翡翠灣(地中海建築.風車.木船.幸福鐘樓.玩具馬.玻璃橋)>野柳地質公園(風化石.海景)(夜景.水燈.倒影). – canceled due to raining and cold weather so change to route below
    TaiChung – 湖, 天空之城,中社花海, night view duno what place is that..Need to ask driver and photographer d :) You can review my that day journey in details in post – and other info about Cannes Wedding in post –

    Enjoy your pre-wedding shooting ^^

  6. Ctian Says:

    Hi, i’m interested to take photo at taiwan too. But how you found the suitable company in Malaysia?Your photo is very nice, the package cost how much? I heard the packages for Taiwan do not include the jimui photos but can we require for that?

  7. QiQi Says:

    er…i just coincidentally found this BS..before taking photo there, i also not sure suit or not :P cost not convenience to share but can giv u a roughly amount. The price can be vary according to ur package. Standard price should be NT35000 – NT50000 or even more. Of course, u can request jimui photo from them ar. The cost not so expensive for jimui photo..not include also ok, u can print it urself after u get the photos.

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