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All of us had decided to celebrate James birthday at Sakura Restaurant. Sakura had alot branches in Singapore but we  went to the furthest one which located at Punggol Marina Country club. We travelled to Sengkang MRT station then took the shuttle bus to Marina Country Club. It was FREE.

Sakura @ Marina Country Club was the largest Charcoal Grilled & Shabu Shabu Restaurant in Singapore. That’s why we came here.
It was a buffet dinner. Thus, we picked whatever seafood we want to eat.

I loved sushi. I was happy to be here because I could eat as many as I could. 

There was Yong Tau Foo section also.

So many type of fish balls! 福州鱼丸 also got!

Skewer section. 
Sakura also served fried rice, vege, chicken… If you hungry, you can eat first.
We started to grill satay!
Scallop and etc…
Skewer – 串烧. This was worth to eat! First time I ate so many skewers.
Keep talking about food. Paiseh Paiseh..Cause everyone was busying eating.Thus, I dont want to disturb them. Now, let’s me introduce today VIP – James. Besides him was his gf – Joey. They are 双J ^^

Sun Sun was busying on preparing the shabu shabu.

Yo…so many food! Cant wait to eat…

Besides Shabu Shabu, we grilled our food as well. Sakura restaurant served Salmon fish as well. $20++ for this buffet worth right?

Lovely couple.

Yummy and delicious…

Pork Belly.
The beans also free flow ohhhh….
Everyone was enjoying eating and we ate untill very very FULLLLL!
Me and Hubby.

Desserts time! The cheesecake, tiramisu, puff with little cream inside. All very nice. Just because we were too full. Unable to try everything. Sometimes, Sakura served durian puff also.
Got ice cream somemore. Got alot different flavours – chocalate, vanilla, durian, mint, corn, strawberry….
Got fruits and pudding as well – Grapes, watermelons, orange, longan..Heard that sometimes served kiwi!

Cake session! A small piece of cake only because we knew we will be very full after the buffet!
Happy Birthday to James! Hehe…older one year d…but still younger than me. Sigh~
Group photos~
Yong and Wen~
Marina Country Club.
While waiting for bus back to SengKang Mrt station. Let’s take one more photo for memory :) Good night!
Sakura Restaurant

Location :
Marina Country Club
600 Ponggol Seventeenth Avenue
Singapore 829734
Price :
For adults, $21; For Kids $10.90. Add $3 (Adults)/$1(Kids) can enjoy free flow of drinks.  Additional $2 on adult price for dinner on Friday nights, weekends, Eve of Public Holidays and Public Holidays.
Opening Hours :
Lunch  – Sat, Sun & Public Holiday (12 noon to 4.30 pm). Closed on weekdays lunch.
Dinner - Mon to Sun (5.00 pm to 10.00 pm). Last serving @ 9.45pm.
Shuttle bus schedule :

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