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Last Destination – Tanjung Piandang again

Today is the last day for our trip :) PS drove us bk to his hometown.
Before bk KL, of course I wont forget the photo session…

Boat’s parking place


PS’s father’s boat


PS’s secondary school – S.M.J.K. Krian

Happy Ending….But a little incident happened ….. it is abit unlucky, we unable to get the bus ticket.Thus, we have no choice, we are forced to take BUS KILANG back to KL…….This is horrible, terrible…we suffered for 6 hours in bus and Finally Reached KL =.=”’  Thanks god can reach KL safety.

这个旅程让我载满好多回忆。。有苦有乐,吃喝玩乐,游山玩水。。感谢你们一路上的陪伴 :)

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