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Recently I just felt to take a break on blogging. This is because I was so tired to stay in front of computer for more than 12 hour everyday. However, my passion on writing blog was not reduced at all.I just took a small break. Now, I am back again to share about my Melbourne trip…
This is the resort we checked in last night last nightAll Season Philip Island Resort.
Our Day 5 Part I Itenary was :
0900 : Cape Woolamai
1000 : Warrook Cattle Farm
Cape Woolamai

On the way to Cape Woolamai.

We reached Cape Woomalai.
Yo, what a nice view here.
Those people inside the photo were actually came here for surfing. Surfing during winter not cold???
There was a kiosk selling food here.
Before we left, take some photos first.
I like the weather today. It was cold but not extremely cold.
Hehe. So sweet.
Warrook Cattle Farm
Next, we went to Warrook Cattle Farm. On the way…
We reached Warrook Cattle Farm.
My sister had booked an appointment at 10am. It was a farm tour and this was the vehicle we took.
It was so excited and fun sitting on this vehicle.
1,2, 3…
Old Macdonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O
And on his farm he had a cow, E-I-E-I-O
With a “moo-moo” here and a “moo-moo” there
Here a “moo” there a “moo”
Everywhere a “moo-moo”
Old Macdonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O
All of us was enjoying singing the song – Old Macdonald!
1. Feeding baby animals..
This is my first time feeding baby animals. The baby cow so cute!
My sister-in-law was was enjoying feeding the baby cow too.
Ps & I
2. Hugging Sheep.
Jia Xuan.
Love the sheep..So lovely.
Jaycey & Jeremy
3. Cow milking demonstration.
Kai Bin said :”Yuck, why so smelly~”
The cattleman looked like “Old Macdonald”. He was demonstrating cow milking process.
Fresh Milk!
Everyone was queueing up for the super fresh milk.
After that, we took turn to do the cow milking.
Haha~ My sister-in-law was trying hard to press the milk out but dont know why “Bo (dont have) Ei”??
My turn!I was not dare to press harder. I worried the cow felt pain oh.
But the cattleman told me dont worry, just press harder. I have tried few times…Just a very little milk successfully pressed out.
Everyone tried too except my mom..She said “Mai la~Geli”
PS so action ya~ Looked like very expert. HAHA!
Finally we got a chance to take whole group photo. Total 14 of us.
Let’s continue our journey and continue sing “Old Macdonald”!.
They were so happy.
Ps & my mom.
On the way to another place.
4. Sheep shearing demonstration
This was the tool which used for sheep shearing.
One of the sheep was picked for Sheep shearing demonstration.
Aiyo..Pity the sheep lar ~ All because of us, the sheep was going to be “Botak” soon.
This was how the people control the sheep while doing shearing.
The cattleman showed us how thick of sheep’s wool.
Start shearing.
Just a minute…
Very soon…
The sheep became like a dog x_X. Felt so sad oh :( Dont know the sheep can stand for this cold weather or not.
One sheep could produce so much wool.
Close up to see the wool.
Hehe. I would still preferred to see sheep with wools.
5. Stock whip cracking.
The lady showed us the technique of Whipcracking.
Whipcracking is the act of producing a cracking sound through the use of a whip. It was used to help drive cattle.
Yu Hong was taught how to do the Whipcracking.
After that, Yu Hong tried the whipcracking by his own.
The lady taught everyone of us too.
Even Yu Ming (4 years old) also got chance to try it.
Everyone of us tried too.
It was pain lor when hit yourself.
Your cloth would also get dirty if you hit wrongly. So, becareful while doing the whipcracking.
5. Watching our working dogs round up sheep.
The dog will go until very far to round up the sheep.
The lady say “Go”~
See, the dog so clever.
The sheep ran so fast lei..I was wondering will them stop when reached our place.
The sheep would stop automatically when reached here. So, we were safe. Haha.
We called this dog Collie – 牧羊狗.
The sheep under the blue sky had created a very beautiful scene.
The lady told us the story about Collie.
The kids had so many questions too.
6. Visit to Fauna park
There are kangaroos, wombats, peacock, goose, duck and etc inside the fauna park.
Kangaroo Feeding Time~
Amber was so sweet.
The kangaroo was cute.
Me & Kangaroo.
Amber liked Kangaroo so much.
She even talked to kangaroo. So cute of her.
As well as Yu Ming too. So funny of Amber and Yu Ming. They were so adorable.
Country Beer Garden. One of the cafe at Warrook Cattle Farm.
I love the view at Warrook Cattle Farm. It was so beautiful.
We had a great experience at Warrook Cattle Farm. The tour took around 1 hour. You will definitely no regret to visit the farm. We had so much fun there~ The farm was open daily. Public tours at 1pm or by appointment for groups of 8 or more. Price was $25 for Adults and $12.50 for Children (under 12 years).


Warrook Cattle Farm
4150 South Gippsland Highway
Monomeith, 3984
Victoria, Australia
FACSIMILE: (03) 5997 1713
PHONE: (03) 5997 1321
(International – +61359971321)
Website :
Email :
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