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After 5 hours journey from Sekinchan….

2nd destination – Tanjung Piandang (Pei Shu’s hometown)

TP is a small fishing village located on the the coast of Kerian district, northwest Perak, Malaysia. TP in chinese called 角头 (Jiao Tou @ Kak Tao). One thing I noticed in TP – See photo below :) . TP’s paddy fields is grown with coconut tree and others plant whereas Sekinchan’s paddy field is just Paddy ( Paddy connect Sky ), Both different Right?


TP’s Paddy Field
Sekinchan’s Paddy field
The next morning…Ching Ye and Chek Kai come TP met us. After that, PS brought us to take boat by his grandma’s tricycle ! So fun ^^
We took 20 mins boat ride to PS’s friend’s fish Farm which located at middle of the sea.
Yeah~ Successfully I got one fish!

Take photo with ps’s hometown friends, Ching Ye, Wei Sen, and Chek Kai
After back from fish farm, PS brought us to Sea Side.ssssssssss which u can only see alot of Rock =.=”’
After that we drove car ( 2 cars ) from TP to Penang……To be Continued
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