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Today I have a conversation with my friend.

Me: Anything can release stress on work?
X : Have a mirror put in front of you on your desk. When you are stress, look into the mirror, seeing you. 1st to see your face epxression. See how bad it is!

Cool ~ Tomorrow must get a big mirror and put on my desk! Nonono.. I must bring a mirror along me ^^ *To make sure my face always look in good condition ~*

Besides that, the stress will also been released when looking the nice view around you. For example,

View #1
Singapore view

View #2
Singapore View

View #3
Singapore View

View #4
Singapore View

View #5 – Do you see the tallest building? It was HDB! The design unique and look different as other HDB right?
Singapore View

View #6 – Of course this sunset view is the best ~ because when you see this mean is time to “Fang Gong” la ^^
Singapore View

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