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ROM 03.10.09 Part I

Today is a very meaningful day for me. My status and my life will be changed after 12.30pm.  The feeling to become a people’s wife is really sweet and “xinfu”. Because I feel that I was belonging to someone and someone is belonging to me ^^ . Wish that we can “White Hair till Old” this long journey life. Now I can call him “Hubby” and he can call me  ‘Ah’ Wife :P la!

Welcome to PS n MC ROM – Registration of Marriage
Welcome to PS n MC ROM 

1. PS’s Big sister and My Mom who be our witness on our Big Day! It means alot for us :D . Appreciate so much. Ps’s parent unable to attend ~ Because PS’s brother also ROM on the same day!

PS's Sister and My MoM

2. PS’s Sis – Grace and her husband, Kiok Ching, Kiok Yi, and Hui Fen :D Thanks so much coming from Penang and Johor to attend our ROM :P . Thanks so much to Grace who make up for me, and thanks so much kiok Ching and Kiok Su helping me bring the thing here and there….Without u guy~ I really blur X_X

From Left – Hui Fen, Kiok Yi, me, PS, Witson, Grace, Kiok Ching
Ps Sibling

Thanks Grace for the hand bouquet – 12 red roses :) It was so nice.. I like it so much :D PS purposely picked RED color woh..He say RED = PASSION热情 wo.. *_*
12 Red Roses

3. My Parent, Big Brother and Sister-Inlaw, Sister, Jia Xuan, Kai Bin, Amber. Actually my niece and nephew got whole day classes on Saturday.Thanks for skipping all the classes just spent the day with me :D . Hehe^^.

Actually my second brother injured his back on the night before my ROM. He unable to drive and even walk…so my dear second brother, dun feel sorry to me ok :D . I am worry ur back more than you coming or not.

I want to thanks my Big brother who help me record so much video! Got abot 90 videos!

Thanks so much to my sister also.. She took alot photos for me as well.. She also accompany me till whole day even her skin get infected. Will be very itchy under the hot sun. But she still stand till end of ceremony. My brother in-law cant attend because of my lovely MOm’s pantang rule lo..said his brother’s baby full moon, so cant crash together..not good for us oh :D

 From Left – Big Sister, Father, Bin Bin, Me, PS, Mom, Xuan Xuan, Amber, Big Brother, Sister In-Law
My family

A gift from my Big Brother..So cute ^^ Thanks so much..
Wedding Gift

4. My Jimui

From left – Louise’s husband, Lousie, me and PS
My Jimui

Thanks for the lovely ROM Gift – I love it so much :D
ROM Gift

5. Ps’s Bro, so called ‘Heng Dai’

From left – KChew, PS, Me, KKeat, YGuang

6. MY friend’s as well as my photographer – David Chang ~~ Really appreciate your ROM gift ( My photograph and E-gallery). Will upload the e-gallery in ROM Part II

7. Thanks for Ching Ye’s gift :D . Cutie Piggy Couple :P Hehe ^^
ROM Gift

For those people who cannot make it on that day, dun feel sorry OK :D . I understand. For those who I didnt invite, dun feel hard feeling ok :D Because I dont want give you guy troublesome to travel all the way to KL just to attend my ROM. No worry. Please be prepared to travel all the way to Penang for the actual wedding on 2011! wahhahha :D

Last but not least! One more people to thanks for is my HUBBY! Thanks for everything, everything and everything ~ Too long to describe here :D Love U ^^

To be continued ….ROM Part II

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