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Wedding Bands

Today PS and I went to Plaza Singapura, actually he went to Cathay for a 3D movie – Final Destination4 with his friend,  I didnt join them because I don’t like to watch bloody movie, chop here and there somemore watch 3D one…So Scary and Geli lo! So I walked around Plaza Singapura to look for wedding band! There are so many jewellery shop such as Citigem, Goldheart, SK Jewellery, True Love, Soo Kee, Lee Hwa…..So many so many choices…and finally I have decided to choose the wedding band from Goldheart Jewellery Shop –

At first I found one pair of wedding band with series Celestial which is wellknow as 73-facet starbust diamond. NOrmally wedding band for Celestial series cost around 1k  for each ring! It was too expensive for me, then the sales girl told me Goldheart will select each pair of wedding band from each series as Best Buy pair. See the picture below, this is the best buy wedding band for Celestial, it cost around SGD1300! Original price is around SGD2k! I like the it actually, but I still need to wait ps come over to try for the ring.


After the movie end shows, PS came over and tried up the ring! Alamak, dont think is suitable PS because after he wear he look a bit girlish ( due to the diamond and the ring abit shining ).PS asked me to take it if I really like, he can choose others and match with it…BUT different model already :( didnt look like a pair oh ~ I dont want separate both ring and one more reason, celestial series wedding band too costly for us also, over our budget already , so we decided to give up this la :(

Celestial – “Starbust Brilliance For Your External Love”

Er…so we have to scan through the other wedding bands again. So difficult to choose oh, most of them also cost around SGD1200 after 20% discount. Finally we saw another series called

Felicite  - “Your Key To Everlasting Hapiness”


and we spot one pair of ring from this series !!!  But where is the ring gone ??
Keep it secret first, will display out when my ROM day, ok??

Remember when you planned to buy wedding band, must buy at least 2 mths before your ROM day, ok ?? Because if the wedding band you like out of size , they may need 1-2 months to do the customization~ My ROM day is 03 OCt 2009, today is 03 Sep 2009! Thus, they unable to do the customization for us. Luckily, another branch has my size and left one only!!! My size is 8 and PS size is 18!! Luckily, this pair of rings is the only pair have best buy price :)  My ring cost SGD 288 and PS’s ring cost SGD 348 for guy ‘s ring.Total up is SGD636 which is much more cheaper than Celestial series one ! Hehe, luckily can save our pocket :D . So many luckily right??So luckly and happy we found our Key To Everlasting Hapiness!

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