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There were alot photos was uploaded in this post. I am sure it will kill your bandwidth. Thus, please make sure your internet line is fast enought to load this page :p. You may interest to read on previous entry CNY eve, CNY Day 1 and CNY Day 2.

On the 3rd day of Chinese New Year, we have our dim sum breakfast at Kim Chew mom’s restaurant – 华州, the only one Dim Sum restaurant at Tanjung Piandang.

In cantonese, we called “luo mai gai” 糯米鸡. It was yummy and delicious.
dim sum at tanjung piandang

Whole table of Dim Sum ~ The dim sum I like the most is “Chai Kuih” 菜粿. For us, we call “Teoh Chew kuih”. My father and family like to eat as well. They normally went to the dim sum restaurant at JAWI to have this “Chai Kuih” :)
dim sum at tanjung piandang

Let’s Zoom out the “Chai Kuih”

There are two type of “chai kuih” – In teochew we called “Gu Cai Kuih”.

“Mang Guang Kuih”.

Because of chinese new year peak season, we were required to queue up in order to get the dim sum ~ Although Long Q but worth to wait. See, we get so much “Chai Kuih” again!

And we finished all :)

The guy behind us is this 华州 dim sum restaurant boss’s son – Kim Chew
dim sum at tanjung piandang

After we finished our breakfast, we visited grandmother at Nibong Tebal.
ChineseNewYear (2)

Grandma and her grand grand childs
ChineseNewYear (3)

4 generationS :)
ChineseNewYear (4)

Then, we went to aunty #3′s house (mother side). My aunty has prepared steamboat for us!
ChineseNewYear (5)

Tomyam flavour.
ChineseNewYear (6)

Chicken Soup flavour
ChineseNewYear (7)

My Aunty #3 and my grandmother.
ChineseNewYear (8)

My Cousin ( in yellow color shirt )
ChineseNewYear (9)

My Cousin with her baby! Nice hairstyle~ Her baby so chubby :) Cute lor ~
ChineseNewYear (10)

Aunty #3′ s family + relative potrait 1
ChineseNewYear (11)

Aunty #3′ s family + relative potrait 2
ChineseNewYear (11)-1

Cousin and baby
ChineseNewYear (12)

Yo ~ Is the hair grow naturally? So Yeng!
ChineseNewYear (13)

Grandma and grandson :)
ChineseNewYear (14)

Me and my mom. Poor Mom ~ Due to the weather too hot and she drink less water. Thus, her eye become swollen :( Luckily she was okie now. If you compare this photo and the photo above. Did my mom and grandma and me look alike? I can foresee in future how I look like :) I will look like so 慈祥 :)

After visit our aunty #3, we went to find uncle #3 ~ No photo can be showed here because everyone is tired ~ especially my parent. So I just let my “小黑” a rest lor~

Oh ~ Amber 007, Cool right ~

Around 5 pm, my brother and sister came to my hubby’s house @ Tanjung Piandang! Then my father-in-law fetch us go out the sea for sightseeing ). Ready?
Tanjung-Piandang (19)

Engine start soon oh ~ Everyone was so excited especially my sister who sit in the middle ^^ She was so scared yo!
Tanjung-Piandang (20)

The boat was reversing now.
Tanjung-Piandang (21)

Everyone was preparing for the camera ~
Tanjung-Piandang (22)

Photo session ~ Bin Bin say V!
Tanjung-Piandang (2)

Bin Bin, Taisou and Amber say “V”
Tanjung-Piandang (4)

Xuan say “V”
Tanjung-Piandang (3)

My sister and her hubby
Tanjung-Piandang (7)

Tanjung-Piandang (5)

Tanjung-Piandang (10)

The boat was speed up
Tanjung-Piandang (12)

Tanjung-Piandang (14)

My Father-in-law look expert right? This is how’s a fisherman drive the boat.
Tanjung-Piandang (15)

Do you see rainbow? Not everytime can this scene :) We are lucky here ~
Tanjung-Piandang (24)

Actually we are under the hot sun. It was so hot!!!
Tanjung-Piandang (25)

No matter how hot was it, we were still enjoying this moment so much.
Tanjung-Piandang (27)

Another fisherman’s boat passed by
Tanjung-Piandang (28)

We reached temple of sea dragon 海龙王庙.
Tanjung-Piandang (29)

This 海龙王庙 temple was built at middle of sea ~ Photo was taken by my brother-in-law

Do you notice there is a fishing village infront? We came from there actually.
Tanjung-Piandang (30)

We saw something while going back.
Tanjung-Piandang (31)

All the boat was spoilt and most of them was sink. Heard that is was caused by tsunami which happend in 26.12.2004. To know more details about tsunami. Click here.
Tanjung-Piandang (33)

We were almost reached. Did you see the village behind us?
Tanjung-Piandang (34)

All the boats were parking in a line.
Tanjung-Piandang (35)

A peaceful fishing village.
Tanjung-Piandang (36)

The boat was slow down… My sister was so busy looking at right
Tanjung-Piandang (37)

and left :P
Tanjung-Piandang (38)

Tanjung-Piandang (43)

Let’s took final group photo before say goodbye to this village.
Tanjung-Piandang (42)

We reached home and Amber said: “We have a fun time today!”. Really want to say thank you to my father-in-law for giving us such a great experience. Especially for kids who stay in city and for us who working in busy city.
Tanjung-Piandang (44)

After experiencing the boat ride, my nieces and nephew tried the tricycle ride.
Tanjung-Piandang (45)

Bin Bin was trying so hard to move this tricycle.
Tanjung-Piandang (46)

Finally he gave up. Amber also laugh at him:P
Tanjung-Piandang (47)

Bin, never mind. You just a kid. Nothing to be upset :)
Tanjung-Piandang (49)

Opps, his mom suddenly sat on the tricycle and ask his son Go!Go!Go! Aiyo ~The tricycle totally cant move at all :D
Tanjung-Piandang (50)

I liked this photo. Everyone looked so natural in this photo.
Tanjung-Piandang (52)

Okie, Bin Bin ~ Come. Let your uncle fetch you around.
Tanjung-Piandang (55)

Tanjung-Piandang (56)

After a full day activity. Take a break with a cup of cold longan drink.
Tanjung-Piandang (57)

We continued for our next activity – sunset at seaside.
Tanjung-Piandang (60)

This is the place where we stopped by
Tanjung-Piandang (16)

View of sunset
Tanjung-Piandang (61)

Bin Bin and Amber was posing to take photo
Tanjung-Piandang (63)

Amber ~
Tanjung-Piandang (64)

She need “Bao Bao” is order to get down from the rock.
Tanjung-Piandang (65)

Jia Xuan
Tanjung-Piandang (66)

Brother and sisters~
Tanjung-Piandang (67)

A happy family.
Tanjung-Piandang (68)

Tanjung-Piandang (69)

看到他们威严的父亲吗?他就是我哥啦 ~
Tanjung-Piandang (17)

Tanjung-Piandang (18)

Jia Xuan’s potrait
Tanjung-Piandang (70)

Tanjung-Piandang (73)

Tanjung-Piandang (74)

Tanjung-Piandang (81)

他们偶尔会吵架。。。可是很快就会好回 ~
Tanjung-Piandang (75)

Tanjung-Piandang (77)

因为不管如何闹,毕竟只有一个姐姐,一个妹妹,一个哥哥@弟弟而已,所以还是会相亲相爱地 :) 她们两姐妹让我想起我和姐姐,我们时常都会吵架,不过现在长大了,见面的时候并不多,所以我们很珍惜在一起的时光。不吵了,只想相亲相爱。
Tanjung-Piandang (76)

Tanjung-Piandang (79)

Tanjung-Piandang (78)

很可惜我二哥和二嫂没来,不过很快地我们可以一起旅行啦,期待那天的来临 :)

这就是我啦 ~
Tanjung-Piandang (80)

We came here around 630pm and waiting for quite a long time, the sun still there x_X
Tanjung-Piandang (82)

All of us were so hungry. So, we decided dont want to wait anymore. I tried to capture sunset moments as much as I can during the journey back to home.
Tanjung-Piandang (83)

这就是所谓的 “日落” 啦. This is called sunset.
Tanjung-Piandang (84)

Tanjung-Piandang (85)

A beautiful sunset
Tanjung-Piandang (86)

Tanjung-Piandang (87)

太阳下 “海” 咯!
Tanjung-Piandang (89)

Another nice place in Tanjung Piandang
Tanjung-Piandang (91)

Tanjung-Piandang (94)

Steamboat dinner was prepared by my mother-in-law. So many choice of foods :) Yummy Yummy!
Tanjung-Piandang (95)

Everyone was starting for the steamboat dinner.

There was a final activity after the dinner – Fireworks show!
*note : I was just taking photo. This firework was not mine. I dont know anything about this :P Please dont summon me!*

Unfortunately, I unable to provide a good ending here. Because the fireworks was too loud, I need both hand to cover my ear. Thus, I have no hand to take ptoto. Hehe ~ So sorry about that ya :P . Some of the photos above were taken from my brother’s camera :) I put it into my blog as well so that it look perfect ;)

I combined day 4 in this blog because I do not have any special activity on this day. What we did is watch movie, eat, rest :) . But below have some photos which taken by my brother. Who are them?

They are my “Keng Yi” daughters and son. Do you noticed. My aunty’s produced same as my sister inlaw, has same set of kids – 2 daughters 1 son.

Grandma and grandchildS again :)

All the grandchilds will miss their “Jo Ma” so much. Miss my grandma too :)

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