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Today is the day for my parent to visit their parent, siblings, cousin, and relatives. Our first station will be my Father’s sister’s house! My small aunty 小姑 which located at Sungai Besar 大港. We reached there around 11am. We were served with “Bak Kut Teh” which cooked by my small aunty! Yummy and delicious ~

This is my small aunty! Look like my father?
ChineseNewYear2010 (4)

My small aunty and my mom
ChineseNewYear2010 (2)

My cousin “Poh Jie Jie” and her son :) Handsome son!
ChineseNewYear2010 (3)

My small aunty’s family :) This is only 20 % of her family members… Still got alot not around :) She got around 20 grandchild oh ^^
ChineseNewYear2010 (5)

Our next station – Teluk Intan. This time is to visit my uncle 大伯. During the way to Teluk Intan…Amber join our car! She said Ah gong driving skill just perfect! And wont feel dizzy~ A message to her father and mother “your daughter prefer Toyota Corolla than Toyota Altis” Haha!
ChineseNewYear2010 (6)

Camwhoring. She looked so cute!
ChineseNewYear2010 (7)

She has so much fun in Ah Gong’s car. Is good she is here. So her grandfather wont fall asleep while driving!
ChineseNewYear2010 (8)

We reached Big Uncle’s house! We were served with drinks and foods again~
ChineseNewYear2010 (10)

Biskuts, cookies, sweet and etc..
ChineseNewYear2010 (11)

ChineseNewYear2010 (12)

Cousin -”Ah Yong Jie Jie” and 表侄儿 nephew – Daniel ^^
ChineseNewYear2010 (13)

My cousin too “Ah Kian Jie Jie”
ChineseNewYear2010 (14)

Anything so funny there? Er…Forgot what we talking about d :D
ChineseNewYear2010 (15)

表侄女 – Janice
ChineseNewYear2010 (16)

ChineseNewYear2010 (17)

Eating “Ba Gua”
ChineseNewYear2010 (18)

Dont know my father contact who. You see my father’s tummy. So big Yo x_X
ChineseNewYear2010 (19)

What are they looking at? Sound interest :)
ChineseNewYear2010 (24)

Yo ~ More and more people come to see the photo! What’s photo about?
ChineseNewYear2010 (25)

Let’s me ZOOM out the photo and show you~ Dang Dang… Is their old time photo. Can you find my father?
Very handsome and thin one as well as my mother, very pretty as me :) Muahahahha
ChineseNewYear2010 (9)

My mother sat at front row front left #3. My father sat at front row also but is from right #2. My brothers them were inside the photo too :) which I already tagged them in facebook. Whereas my sister and me havent came to this world yet :) Hehe ^^

So to recall back past, we took a group photo in order to compare 40 years before and now! Evryone has grown up. Opps, havent ready yet! My uncle want to call more people to join for the photo session.
ChineseNewYear2010 (20)

1,2,3 Cheers :) Can you match who and who from the black and white photo above?
ChineseNewYear2010 (22)

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Wish everyone 万事如意
ChineseNewYear2010 (23)

Then, we proceed our journey to my fifth aunty house, my father’s sister. Her house so crowded!
ChineseNewYear2010 (27)

My parent somemore chat with one relative in Australia using webcam :)
ChineseNewYear2010 (26)

My big uncle also come my auntie’s house as well. He so excited to see his nephew from Australia.
ChineseNewYear2010 (29)

My uncle say “Hi” to him
ChineseNewYear2010 (31)

My uncle gave Ang Pao to him through computer also :) E-AngPao
ChineseNewYear2010 (32)

ChineseNewYear2010 (33)

Aiyo..this taisou~ kacau people’s kids!
ChineseNewYear2010 (35)

Family potrait for my fifth auntie! Be prepared everyone
ChineseNewYear2010 (37)

ChineseNewYear2010 (38)

1,2,3, chiak!
ChineseNewYear2010 (39)

Happy family
ChineseNewYear2010 (40)

After that, we went to my 4th aunty 四姑 house batu 14
ChineseNewYear2010 (41)

Old style well 井
ChineseNewYear2010 (43)

Man are chit chatting
ChineseNewYear2010 (44)

Food again! Thank you alot to my aunty who has prepared so much food for us :)
ChineseNewYear2010 (45)

My 4th aunty and her 7 daughters. We called them 七仙女 :) . Besides daughter, my aunty still have one Son :)
ChineseNewYear2010 (49)

My 5th aunty also come from Teluk Intan visit her sister :) .
ChineseNewYear2010 (46)

ChineseNewYear2010 (47)

ChineseNewYear2010 (48)

Our last station is visit to my father’s big sister, our second aunty 二姑 at Ipoh.
ChineseNewYear2010 (50)

This is my 2nd aunty!
ChineseNewYear2010 (51)

Amber again!
ChineseNewYear2010 (52)

Hehe^^ Like to take photo of her :)
ChineseNewYear2010 (53)

ChineseNewYear2010 (54)

ChineseNewYear2010 (55)

Father and his nephews~ Mean my cousins~
ChineseNewYear2010 (56)

Me and my second aunty. 希望她身体健康,快快乐乐!
ChineseNewYear2010 (57)

We reached Nibong Tebal – Grandmother house around 9 pm. Grandmother quickly cooked porridge for us! Her porridge very nice. Thank you “Ah Ma”. Really love you :) Because it was too late and everyone is so tired already. So, no photo session :) Camera need to rest also ^^

Just to share some feelings…
亲戚们都很热情,很客气。。谢谢大家的招待!很高兴大家可以团聚在一起,尤其是爸爸,妈妈,伯伯 和 姑姑 们。。当然也很高兴见到表哥,表姐,堂哥,堂姐们。。还有一班快高长大的表侄女,侄儿们。。我都差点不认得了。。个个都长得英俊,美丽 :)So 希望你们游览 AMOREQIQI 这一篇。。你们也可以互相认识一下,谁是你们的亲戚!以后的日子,在街上如果遇到大家,记得打招呼哦!

Wait! I still got next activity. My hubby came to my grandmother’s house and fetch me to join his friend’s small gathering. The location is at SKuan’s house, Tanjung Piandang – Kaktao 角头.

They have steamboat here


HUbby’s secondary schoolmate

Sk and KK


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