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Year of the Tiger

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恭喜发财! 恭喜发财!Today is the first day of Chinese New Year which is also same day as Valentine’s day 14th February 2010. According to lunar calendar, 2010 is the year of Tiger.

In the early morning, all of us will be served with 汤圆 “Tang Yuan”.

Then we will have second round family reunion at second brother’s house. Our meal very simple but delicious – Mixed vegetable 罗汉斋 “Luo Han Zhai”.
YearOfTiger (2)

My second brother’s house decoration
YearOfTiger (3)

Big Red “Tang Lung” infront his house.
YearOfTiger (5)

Nice deco
YearOfTiger (4)

Once the meal was ready to be served…
YearOfTiger (7)

They are coming!
YearOfTiger (8)

Pose like super star neh~ Dont play play…
YearOfTiger (9)

Do you feel that they like those super star walking on red carpet, something like 星光大道!
YearOfTiger (10)

Photo time!Chiak~
YearOfTiger (12)

She looked like a little princess :)
YearOfTiger (13)

Cute hor!
YearOfTiger (14)

Prince and princess :) Year 2010 Super Stars!
YearOfTiger (22)

I guess female like to take photos :)
YearOfTiger (16)

YearOfTiger (17)

Breakfast time ^^
YearOfTiger (18)

Enjoy the vegetables so much :) Very delicious!
YearOfTiger (6)

After breakfast, my sister and brother-in-law came too. We were going to take family potrait :)
YearOfTiger (19)

YearOfTiger (24)

YearOfTiger (25)

One more! Ready 1,2,3 GONG XI FA CAI! My father like big boss 一家之主 right?
YearOfTiger (23)

My mom and her second 媳妇 “SimBu”. Do you feel the happiness?
YearOfTiger (26)

Me, mom, sister-in-law and brother.
YearOfTiger (21)

We continued our fun at big brother’s house
YearOfTiger (33)

Amber and her mother :)
YearOfTiger (29)

YearOfTiger (30)

Must eat – “Bak Gua” 我来也肉干
YearOfTiger (31)

Cookies made by my sister-in-law
YearOfTiger (32)

Must do activity – Mahjong
YearOfTiger (34)

Very nice ”Ang Pao“ 红包. Today I received ang pao from parents and siblings~ Paiseh ^^ Old already still getting ang pao ^^
YearOfTiger (27)

Tonight I must rest earlier so that tomorrow I will have full energy to travel from Shah Alam -> Sungai Besar -> Teluk Intan -> Ipoh -> Nibong Tebal -> Tanjung Piandang! To be continued…

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